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What’s A Penis Sleeve? Could It Help You Last Longer In Bed?

A penis sleeve is a condom-like sex toy that slips over the penis to acts as an extension of the wearer’s penis.

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Got penis sleeves on the mind? Well, you aren’t alone my friend. This popular sex toy is beloved by many, many, men and women. If you’ve ever wondered if a penis sleeve could enhance your sex life, read on.

Let’s start here: What exactly is a penis sleeve?

A penis sleeve is a condom-like sex toy that slips over the wearer’s penis to provide a whole host of enjoyment. A penis sleeve is basically a wearable, penis-shaped sex toy. It acts as an extension of the wearer’s penis.

Penis sleeves might also be called cock sleeves or penis extenders.

These sexual aids are designed with a wide array of visual and textural options. Penis sleeves can add girth, length, new textures and some even vibrate. These are also designed with various use cases in mind; some are designed for erect penises and some are designed for flaccid penises. Some penis sleeves are open-ended to keep the sensitive tip of the penis exposed while still adding length, or girth to the shaft of the penis. Penis sleeves are made of either soft rubber, latex, or more often, silicone. Some are very realistic looking and some that are more simplistic. No matter what kind of penis sleeve wets your whistle, they all do one main thing - penis sleeves slide over the penis and are used as a penetrative sex toy. They can enhance pleasure for both parties involved.

3 possible reasons to try a penis sleeve

Long before erectile medications like Cialis or Viagra existed, penis sleeves were the go-to. Even now, with many ED treatments available, penis sleeves are still popular. That being said, there are few reasons why one might be interested in adding a penis sleeve into their bedroom repertoire.

#1 Erectile dysfunction sex aid

These sexual aids can help those who deal with erectile dysfunction (ED) as some penis sleeves are specifically designed to slide over top a soft penis. This allows men with ED to penetrate and pleasure their partner with a hard penis. Many men with ED can still orgasm despite having no erection. So, the penis sleeve is the go-between, pleasuring both parties Penis sleeves can be a win-win for couples that deal with ED.

#2 Increase stamina by decreasing sensitivity

For men who struggle with bedroom stamina, a penis sleeve might be just the thing for you. Because the penis sleeve slides over the top of your penis and acts as an extension of you, the sensation can be dampened so you can last longer. While wearing the penis sleeve you will still be able to significantly feel your partner, but it will be less than with just a condom. Depending on the thickness of your penis sleeve, you can also continue to penetrate your partner long after you have ejaculated.

#3 Adding some variety to sex

Penis sleeves come in many different shapes, sizes, and textures. There are some with bells and whistles, like vibration or built-in rings (which can help to keep the blood trapped in the penis). Because of this wide variety, try talking to your partner about things they would like to try. They might perk up at the idea of vibration, clitoral stimulators, or G-spot-specific toys. Maybe they’d like best to add some length, or girth (or both).

Don’t compare yourself to your sleeve!

Remember, this is an opportunity to explore sexual pleasure with your partner. If they are interested in trying more girth, for instance, don’t take offense. What they’re really interested in is just some added spice in the bedroom. Feel free to spice up the bedroom while not comparing yourself to your penis sleeve. It’s a popular artificial penis for a reason.

Key takeaways

Used as an extension of a man’s penis, a penis sleeve is a wearable sexual aid that is used by many couples.

A penis sleeve might help you to:

  • Last longer in the bedroom
  • Pleasure your partner in new and exciting ways
  • Enjoy wielding a harder erection 

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