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Men's Cold Sores & Genital Herpes

50-80% of American adults have HSV-1, the virus responsible for cold sores on and around the mouth. So, if you are currently battling a cold sore, realize that most people have been in your shoes at some point. Dealing with an outbreak of oral cold sores or genital herpes is already stressful enough, so we try to keep getting effective prescription treatment options as simple as possible. Whether you need a round of antiviral medication to help clear up a breakout sooner, need to keep some on hand to start treatment at the first signs of a flare-up in the future, or want to see if daily suppressive therapy is a good option for you, we have you covered.


The active ingredient in Valtrex

Valacyclovir is an antiviral medication that can slow the spread and growth of the herpes virus. Valacyclovir is FDA-approved to treat viral infections including cold sores and genital herpes. Available in episode-based therapy or off-label suppressive therapy.

Process was very easy and stress free. Takes away the in person embarrassing conversation that would make most men uncomfortable discussing with their doctor. Thank you!
Ryan R.
Great customer service and the Doctors were very thorough in explaining the process and how the products works!
Ola O.
Everything processed quickly and shipping was great! Very convenient!
Great price, fast service, and I'm very happy with the results.
The service was simple and fast, I got the medication I wanted without any hitches. The doctor was professional and to the point and delivery was fast and free. Prices are much lower than competitors for the same exact drug!
I am very impressed with Strut. The products are excellent and the doctor I worked with could not have been more helpful. The website is great, too.
Eric R.
The service was simple and fast. I was surprised and impressed by how quickly my order arrived. I’ll definitely be using Strut for other needs.
Ryan D.
Easy and private great response time. Thank you again
Easy to use. On time delivery. Products effective.
Strut Health is always helpful, fast, and affordable. I can’t recommend them enough.
This company Is professional, courteous, and prompt. Never a problem. Customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend them.

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