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Strut Brightly Formula

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Acetyl Hexapeptide, and Vitamin E in prescription dermatology cream

Brightening Ascorbic Acid, soothing Panthenol, hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate, and a peptide that may help prevent deep wrinkle formation come together in this gentle formulation for glowing skin.

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Strut Brightly Formula
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How it works

What is Strut Brightly Formula?

Strut Brightly is a pharmacist and physician formulated compounded cosmetic medication. Strut Brightly may help brighten the complexion, prevent deep wrinkle formation, soothe irritation, and increase moisture retention when used as prescribed.

How does Strut Brightly Formula work?

Strut Brightly contains a mixture of ingredients that help target common skin concerns. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is a potent topical antioxidant and skin brightener. Acetyl Hexapeptide is a peptide that may help reduce deep wrinkle formation around the eyes and forehead. Panthenol is derived from vitamin B5 and may increase healing, moisture retention, and reduce inflammation. Sodium Hyaluronate may help skin retain moisture and plump up cells.

What is a compounded medication?

A compounded medication is a prescription that is mixed up specifically for you based on your doctor’s request for specific strengths, ingredients, and dosage forms. Compounded medications are not manufactured, but made in compounding pharmacies by U.S. licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that follow a formula ‘recipe’ customized to your condition to create an individualized medication for you.

Frequently asked questions

How should I use Strut Brightly Formula?

Apply a thin layer of cream on the entire face to clean, dry skin avoiding the mouth or eyes, and rub in gently. Apply once daily in the morning, or as directed. Wash hands before and after application. Follow your doctor's specific orders if you are unsure how to use the medication.

What are the common side effects of Strut Brightly Formula?

The most common side effects of Strut Brightly Formula are minor skin irritation, itching, and redness. These side effects are usually mild and may go away with time and continued use.

How do I get this custom prescription formula?

Strut’s innovative medical platform allows our U.S. licensed telemedicine physicians to treat patients remotely and safely via secure chat, phone, or video. Our physicians will customize a treatment plan based on your condition. The physician will recommend a custom formulated prescription product made from a U.S. accredited pharmacy to treat your condition. You must start with an online visit, so we can collect photos and medical information about your health. Completing an online visit is quick and easy. If you qualify, our doctors will provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescribe a custom formula to treat your condition.

Why use Strut Brightly Formula?

Formulated by dermatologists and pharmacists, this unique compound prescription blends proteins, vitamin derivatives, and naturally found skin-building components that work together to help brighten, moisturize, and reduce fine lines over the course of treatment. Best of all it has a Botox-like peptide to get you strutting in the morning.

How should I store this medication?

If the product has arrived warm, wait 2 hours before using. Store this medication in a cool, dry environment, protected from light, at room temperature (68F-77F). Always make sure the container is tightly closed when not using the medication. Keep all medications in a safe place out of reach of pets and children.

What active ingredients are in Strut Brightly Formula?

Strut Brightly contains Vitamin C and Panthenol with Sodium Hyaluronate & Acetyl Hexapeptide & Vitamin E in Prescription Dermatology Cream.

How long until I may see an effect from Strut Brightly Formula?

You may notice initial results soon after starting this product. It may take up to several weeks to see maximum results.

What is the important safety information about this product?

See the detailed safety information under the Safety Info tab for the product.

Do I need to take a photo?

Yes, your photographs will help us to accurately diagnose the cause of your medical condition and prescribe the most effective medication regimen. It is very important that we have clear photographs. Our site is mobile-friendly and simple to upload pictures.

How much does the online visit cost?

The online doctor’s visits are typically complementary. With Strut, you will only pay for the prescription if you qualify after your medical consultation. If after checking out, the doctor identifies that you are not a good candidate for treatment, you will not be charged. If you decide to transfer your prescription at any time to a non-preferred pharmacy of Strut Health, then you will be charged a $40 physician consultation fee to your credit card on file. Customer service can provide additional details on our pharmacy network.

How much does the medication cost?

The cost varies, the price is listed on the product page of the website. Prices at local pharmacies or online are often higher than what we offer. We keep our prices very competitive, as well as offering free visits and shipping.

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