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Premature Ejaculation Pills: How Do They Work To Help You Last Longer?

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Premature Ejaculation is considered one of the most common issues in male sexual health, with up to 30-40% of men being affected.

With some estimating that up to 75% of men may experience episodes of PE at some point in their lives.

The definition of PE is complicated, but lasting 1-2 minutes or less during intimacy may qualify someone for a diagnosis of PE.

With PE being of a delicate nature and sometimes being closely tied to self-esteem and relationship issues, finding a solution that could be used discreetly is ideal.

In this article, we will cover the basics of using Sertraline pills for premature ejaculation, including how it works, what the science says about it, and where to find it.

What is Sertraline for Premature Ejaculation?

Sertraline is in a class of antidepressant medications called SSRIs.

Sertraline is the generic name and the active ingredient in the brand medication Zoloft.

Its usual use is for anxiety or depression, but some doctors are looking to using Sertraline off-label as a treatment for premature ejaculation.

What does Sertraline do for PE?

One of the side effects of Sertraline treatment for depression was found to be a delay or blocking of ejaculation in men.

And while an increased time between erection and ejaculation may not be good news for those that are happy with their duration in the bedroom, this may help men who want to find a way to extend their intimacy duration.

Sertraline is a medication that works with the serotonin in your brain and body, and the connection between SSRI serotonin modulation and being able to last longer in bed has been clearly established.

With one study stating that “there is no doubt that PE can be treated effectively with SSRIs.”

So, off-label treatment of PE with Sertraline tries to take advantage of this serotonin “side effect” that may end up being a positive effect in some patient populations.

How effective is Sertraline for Premature Ejaculation?

One study enrolled 46 men with PE that had an average bedroom duration of about 1 minute before treatment.

After daily treatment with increasing doses of Sertraline pills, the average time “lasting” in the bedroom was extended to 7.6 minutes (25mg), 13.1 minutes (50mg), or 16.4 minutes (100mg).

With the 50mg Sertraline daily dosage, one man experienced a lack of appetite and drowsiness, one reported an upset stomach, and 4 were not able to achieve orgasm.

Another study tested the use of Sertraline “as needed” taken a few hours before intimacy (after initially taking for 2 weeks every day).

When Sertraline 50mg or 100mg was used a few hours before intimacy only on days it was needed for 4 weeks, the men had an increase of average duration from the initial 23 seconds before treatment to an average of 4.5 minutes.

The side effects were: excessive ejaculation delay in 1 patient, fatigue in 2 patients, and numbness in 1 patient.

Where to find Sertraline for PE?

Sertraline is a prescription-only medication, so you will need to speak with a physician to make sure that treatment with Sertraline is right for you.

You will not be able to find Sertraline in over-the-counter products.

You can schedule an Online Consultation with our U.S. licensed physicians to see if Sertraline is a good option for your PE.


Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual health issue.

Sertraline is an SSRI antidepressant medication that modulates the serotonin in your body.

One side effect of Sertraline is prolonged or blocked ejaculation.

For PE patients, this side effect of Sertraline may be a benefit to help provide PE relief.

One study found that men taking Sertraline 50mg daily were able to increase their average duration from 1 minute to 13.1 minutes.

Sertraline is not available over the counter.

You can schedule an Online Visit with our physicians today to see if Sertraline for PE is appropriate for you.

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