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How To Last Longer in Bed: 12 Tips

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One of the most common bedroom complaints from men is that they do not feel like they are lasting long enough in bed.

If the length of time lasting in bed becomes extremely short (2 minutes or less), you may be dealing with an issue called premature ejaculation and you may want to speak with a doctor.

But, if you just generally want to increase the duration of intimacy with your partner, there may be things you can try.

In this article, we will cover a few tips that may be beneficial to your sex life.

1. Exercise to help counteract performance anxiety

If you are one of the many men that underperform because they are anxious about performing well in bed, you may benefit from helping keep those anxieties in check.

Regular exercise is a great way to reduce overall stress levels on a daily basis, even when you are planning on getting intimate with your partner.

If you exercised earlier in the day, you will likely have lower stress levels and have those endorphins pumping, helping prevent stressing out of overthinking the main event.

2. Be more sexually active

Sometimes you can be overly excited or hypersensitive if you only have sex rarely.

By trying to have intimacy on a more regular basis with your partner, the overexcitement should subside to an extent and help you from finishing too quickly in bed.

3. Numbing creams, gels, or wipes

Creams, gels, and wipes are available over the counter that helps extend your duration in bed by slightly numbing and reducing the overall sensation that you feel.

Sometimes you may even see numbing agents built into condoms for the same reason.

Some may find this helpful, but for others, it can take away too much of the pleasurable sensations to be worth it.

If you do find that it works for you, give your partner a heads up about the product as some may be transferred to them leading to numbing or tingling sensations.

Take precautions to help prevent the product from affecting your partner as well.

4. Have good communication with your partner

Having less than ideal communication skills with your partner can heighten the stress and anxiety about performance in bed.

Try to speak openly and honestly about sex with your partner to help quell those bedroom anxieties, and you may end up developing a more enjoyable and longer-lasting experience.

5. Slow down

While it may be easy to get caught up in the moment and finish too quickly, making a conscious effort to slow everything down and savor the experience may help lengthen your duration.

Everything going too fast may lead to hypersensitivity and less control over everything going on in your body, leading to finishing too quickly.

6. Use delay condoms

There are condoms on the market which are advertised as helping you last longer in bed.

Normally, these products will be much thicker than usual or contain some of the same numbing agents mentioned above.

Ultimately these products help dampen over-sensitivity so that you can maintain more control over all of your sensations and speeds.

7. Distract yourself

Trying to think about things that are not arousing may help you last longer in bed.

But, while some people are happy with this technique, this one is not high on the list due to taking you out of what is meant to be a pleasurable experience and potentially giving your partner a sense that you are not fully present.

8. Switching things up

Trying a few different positions may help give you both a more interesting experience in addition to potentially helping you last longer.

By taking a few seconds to switch things up, you give yourself a little break to help get a hold of any over-excitement you may be experiencing.

9. Take a breather

Taking a break from the main act and switching to something less intense or focused on your partner may help give you some time to cool down during intimacy.

This may also lead to a more varied and unpredictable experience for your partner while giving you a few minutes to collect yourself.

10. Talk to a professional

Many causes of premature ejaculation stem mainly from psychological issues and anxieties and not necessarily anything involving your physiology.

Speaking with a therapist alone or as a couple may help suss out any issues that might be making your sex life less than ideal and help provide tips that you can work on together.

11. Pelvic floor exercises

Strengthening that pelvic floor isn’t just for the ladies, men can maintain more control when everything is in tip-top muscular shape down there.

Look into specific pelvic floor exercises for him, or enroll in a pilates or yoga class that tend to place emphasis on some of those lesser-used muscle groups.

12. Sertraline

If you seem to have tried all the easy tips out there and nothing has done the trick, you may benefit from speaking to a doctor about Sertraline off-label for premature ejaculation.

This is a medication that is normally prescribed for mood disorders but was found to have the side effect of delaying ejaculation in men.

If you are curious to see if Sertraline may be an appropriate option for you, you can schedule an Online Visit with our doctors today.

If you are a good candidate for this medication, your prescription can be discreetly shipped to your front door.

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