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Tretinoin Cream

Tretinoin (Generic Retin-A) cream tubes in 0.025%, 0.05%, or 0.1% strengths

Tretinoin is a prescription-strength retinoid that is FDA-approved to treat acne. May also help improve fine lines, dark spots, or rough skin due to sun damage. Three different strength options available: 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.1% (strongest).

Tretinoin Cream
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Prescription options
Quantity (Large Tube: Estimated 90-day supply)
Tretinoin 0.025% (low strength)
45 grams
Tretinoin 0.05% (medium strength)
45 grams
Tretinoin 0.1% (high strength)
45 grams

How it works

What is Tretinoin?

Tretinoin is a prescription-strength retinoid and is a derivative of vitamin A. Tretinoin has been found to increase healthy cell turnover which may help reduce the appearance of fine lines, lighten dark spots, and improve acne. Tretinoin can be prescribed for acne, dark spots, fine lines, sun damage, improved skin texture and tone, or general skin appearance benefits.

How does Tretinoin work?

Tretinoin is a prescription-strength retinoid and is a derivative of vitamin A. Tretinoin has been found to increase healthy cell turnover which may help reduce the appearance of fine lines, lighten dark spots, and improve acne. Tretinoin can be prescribed for acne, dark spots, fine lines, sun damage, improved skin texture and tone, or general skin appearance benefits.

What strength of Tretinoin cream should I use?

The strengths of Tretinoin cream that you are prescribed may depend on what you are trying to treat, how sensitive your skin is, and if you have used retinoids before. We offer 3 strengths of Tretinoin cream: 0.025% (the lowest concentration), 0.05%, and 0.1% (the highest concentration). In general, 0.05% may be a good middle-of-the-road starting point for most people. Although, 0.025% may be used if you have very sensitive skin or want to start slow, and 0.1% may be used if you have already been using Tretinoin and have worked up to this strength. Feel free to reach out to us via email or phone if you are unsure which strength is a good starting point for you.

Frequently asked questions

How long does Tretinoin cream take to work?

How long tretinoin takes to work depends on the skin issues you are targeting, and if your skin becomes irritated during the acclimation period. For acne improvements, people may start seeing benefits in about 6 weeks or more of use. If you are targeting anti-aging effects, this is usually a longer process of many months. Some people may opt for a slow integration of Tretinoin where they only use it certain days of the week. If you are slowly increasing your Tretinoin usage, it may take longer to see the initial benefits but you might limit skin irritation.

What are the possible side effects of Tretinoin cream?

Some people experience side effects from using Tretinoin cream, especially when first starting out on the cream, or when increasing the strength you are using. The most common side effects of Tretinoin cream include: redness, peeling, burning, stinging, dry skin, or skin irritation. This is not a complete listing of the potential side effects of Tretinoin cream, just the most common side effects. Take a look at the more detailed safety information on the product page for more information.

What should I tell my doctor before starting Tretinoin?

Before starting out on Tretinoin, you should tell your doctor a few key things. Let them know if you are pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding. Tretinoin can not be used during pregnancy as it can negatively affect the development of a growing baby. You should let your doctor know about any other medications you are using, health conditions you have, or other skincare treatments you have tried in the past or are currently using. Let your doctor know about other skincare items you are using, even over-the-counter products. Some over-the-counter products can contain non-prescription retinoids or be especially irritating when used alongside Tretinoin.

What should I avoid while using Tretinoin?

While you are using Tretinoin you will want to avoid a few things and pick your other skincare items very carefully. Avoid excess sun exposure when using Tretinoin as it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and make you more prone to burning (always use daily sunscreen for this reason). Avoid using additional retinoid products when you are using this prescription-strength retinoid to avoid the increased risk of side effects, even in over-the-counter products. Avoid overly drying or irritating skin care items like drying soaps and cleansers, alcohol-based products, harsh exfoliants, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or chemical peels. Avoid using wax hair removal on the Tretinoin treatment area while using Tretinoin, this may cause the top layer of skin to peel off with the wax and should be avoided entirely.

What is the important safety information about this product?

See the detailed safety information under the Safety Info tab for the product.

How much does the online visit cost?

The online doctor’s visits are typically complementary. With Strut, you will only pay for the prescription if you qualify after your medical consultation. If after checking out, the doctor identifies that you are not a good candidate for treatment, you will not be charged. If you decide to transfer your prescription at any time to a non-preferred pharmacy of Strut Health, then you will be charged a $40 physician consultation fee to your credit card on file. Customer service can provide additional details on our pharmacy network.

How will this medication be shipped to me?

Your medication will be shipped to you via USPS from a U.S. compounding pharmacy. There is no additional cost for shipping.

How should I apply Tretinoin cream?

You will want to apply your Tretinoin cream at night. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and water, then pat dry and allow your skin to fully dry. Apply a pea-sized amount of your Tretinoin cream in a very thin layer over the entire face, taking care to avoid the eye area and lips. Since it is a small amount, a patting or tapping application may be easier than rubbing it in. Wash your hands and allow the Tretinoin to soak in. Once the Tretinoin has had some time to soak in, follow with a moisturizer to help with dryness. While you are using Tretinoin cream, it is recommended to wear sunscreen daily as your skin may be more sensitive to the sun. You should also be diligent about moisturizing your skin twice daily to help prevent and improve dryness and irritation that may develop with retinoid use.

Do I need to wear sunscreen when using Tretinoin cream?

You do need to wear sunscreen during the day when you are using Tretinoin cream. Although you will be applying the Tretinoin cream at night, your skin will still be more sensitive to sunlight during the day during the course of your Tretinoin treatment. This may mean you are more likely to burn than usual. For this reason, it is recommended to use an at-least 30 SPF sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine. Wearing sunscreen daily is also a good way to amplify your efforts to reduce fine lines, prevent sun damage, and lighten discolorations.

Is Strut Tretinoin Cream a compounded medication?

This Strut Tretinoin cream is not a compounded medication, this is a manufactured tube of Tretinoin (generic Retin-A). This means that there is a longer expiration date on these medications as compared to a compounded medication.

Is it normal to have skin irritation when starting Tretinoin cream?

It can be normal to experience redness, dryness, burning, stinging, or irritation of the skin while you are using Tretinoin. This is more likely to occur at the start of treatment, or when increasing your usage or strength. You can take steps to help support your skin during this time by using gentle, moisturizing skincare products, wearing sunscreen, and avoiding harsh skincare products like peels, acids, alcohol-based formulations, and abrasive scrubs. If the irritation is severe or ongoing, contact your doctor for the next steps and recommendations.

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