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Men's Testosterone Panel

Men's Testosterone Panel

Testosterone finger-prick blood spot at-home collection kit

  • Quick and easy finger-prick at-home men's hormone test
  • Measures blood testosterone levels
  • Only a few drops of blood from fingertip needed
  • No need for medical professional or vein puncture
  • Downloadable results reported directly to you
  • Share results with your health care providers as you see fit
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Men's Testosterone Panel
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How it works

Why would you want to measure hormones with the Men's Health Panel?

Hormone imbalance is often described as feeling “in a slump”. Are you struggling with mood changes, lack of libido, headaches, fatigue/low energy levels, lack of drive, or trouble concentrating? Check for hormone imbalance to see if hormone levels are part of the issue.

What is included in the dry blood-spot collection kit?

Each dry blood-spot collection kit is packaged with: 1 dry blood-spot card for collection, an alcohol pad to sterilize the skin, a lancet to puncture the finger, a Band-Aid to apply to the finger after collection, a dry storage pouch for blood card transport, a set of detailed instructions, a barcode label, and a return shipping bag and label.

What is the Men's Health Panel collection and results process?

The collection kit process is fast and easy. Once you place the order for your kit through Strut, your kit will be shipped to your home or designated address. Then, you will follow all the instructions included in your kit to collect your sample. Follow the collection instructions exactly. In the case of a faulty collection, you will need to repurchase a replacement kit for $35. Shipping labels must be downloaded from the registration site and either printed at home or emailed to the local FedEx office for printing. (The registration site is You can scan the QR code on the back of their kit with your smartphone.) You will then repackage your sample into the same box and label it with the return shipping label. Drop your sample kit off at a FedEx drop-off location or schedule a pick-up. Then, your sample will be run at the lab and you will receive an email with instructions on how to log in and review or download your results. Sample collection in the morning is recommended. There is no need to fast before collecting your sample. Hydration is key to an easy and effective sample collection. Step One: Order and rapidly receive your at-home sample collection kit. Step Two: Scan the QR code on the back of your box and register your kit online. This registration form acts as your lab requisition form. Step Three: Carefully follow the instruction manual included in your kit to collect your sample. Ensure you are hydrating 24 hours before sample collection, your hands are clean and warm to allow for proper blood flow, and remember an upright standing position allows gravity to assist in your collection process. Step Four: After your sample has dried for 60 minutes, place the blood card in the foil transport bag, download your prepaid shipping label and return the whole kit using the shipping package provided. Step Five: We have partnered with HealthCheck DX to guarantee a CLIA-Certified lab will process your sample and generate a results report. Step Six: Get your secure online results in our HIPAA compliant portal 2 to 5 days after your sample is received at the lab. Shipping Notice - Please be advised that return shipping on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday may cause delays in the processing and results of your sample. If possible, we recommend shipping your sample on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to ensure timely delivery. Keep in mind any upcoming Federal Holidays that may cause delays.
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