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Strut's Story

Strut Health was founded to make important healthcare available to everyone. We are driven to improve the digital clinic experience and remove the stigma associated with certain product categories.

Recognizing a gap in the digital health industry for faster patient processing times and custom blended prescriptions, Strut Founder Dr. Simal Patel drew on his experience as a physician in emergency rooms, clinics and telemedicine to design a system offering FDA approved treatments and tailored solutions for each patient delivered directly to their home. Dr. Patel realized quickly a real need not only for easy access to cost-effective treatment, but also a need to normalize a common stigma in relation to everyday health problems such as sexual dysfunction, abnormal skin conditions, hair loss for both men and women, plus many more. The stigma that goes around these topics is real, especially for the younger generation. Patients are afraid to discuss these topics because they feel alone or just embarrassed. We want to show them that there are millions suffering from these conditions and that it’s okay to talk about them and get treatment.

Our business model is focused on working with the industry’s leading physicians, clinical pharmacists and telemedicine healthcare practitioners to offer the best technology and custom treatment plans. Strut understands that not all patients are the same, besides traditional FDA approved medications, patients need highly effective custom compound prescriptions to address their medical issues. Therefore, offering these products to Strut’s platform was a huge value and added bonus.

At Strut, our processes are centered on simplicity and stress reduction for patients. We employ real U.S. doctors who provide real custom treatment plans. We provide low-cost prescription medications that actually work from U.S. based accredited pharmacies, and we deliver those medications quickly and discreetly right to your door. Best of all, our prices are very competitive.

We have a passion for medicine and love helping patients out. Our hope for patients is that they find what they need to walk tall, unhindered by embarrassment and shame.

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