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Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost

Latanoprost, Melatonin, Caffeine, & Biotin in a gentle pharmaceutical-grade base.

We are excited to announce our NEW unisex Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost! With a similar ingredient to the popular prescription drug, Latisse®.

  • Gentle, unisex, 4-in-1 premium Rx hair booster formula
  • Can be combined with other hair loss treatments like Finasteride, Dutasteride, or Minoxidil
  • Prescription-grade active ingredients in a gentle pharmaceutical-grade base
  • No parabens, no propylene glycol, cruelty-free
  • Ingredients: Latanoprost (0.03%-0.1%), Melatonin 0.0033%, Caffeine 0.05%, & Biotin
Strut Hair Booster with Latanoprost
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Frequently asked questions

What is Strut Hair Booster?

Strut Hair Booster is a pharmacist and physician formulated mixture of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that may help reduce hair loss and increase hair density in some users when used regularly and as prescribed.

What makes Strut Hair Booster so awesome?

Strut Hair Booster is a unique Androgenetic Alopecia (male pattern hair loss and female pattern hair loss) treatment option that does not utilize hormone-targeting active ingredients. Certain people may be avoiding strong DHT or Testosterone targeting medications out of preference, necessity, or due to their gender, and this formula may be a good option for them. By using a unique blend of unisex hair-improving ingredients like Latanoprost, Melatonin, and Caffeine, this formula can be used in men and women. Additionally, since these ingredients do not directly target DHT, they can also be safely combined with other hair loss medications like Finasteride or Dutasteride that do work on DHT as an add-on treatment.

What is a compounded medication?

A compounded medication is a prescription that is mixed up specifically for you based on your doctor’s request for specific strengths, ingredients, and dosage forms. Compounded medications are not manufactured, but made in compounding pharmacies by U.S. licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians that follow a formula ‘recipe’ customized to your condition to create an individualized medication for you.

More FAQs

How do I get this custom prescription formula?

Strut’s innovative medical platform allows our U.S. licensed telemedicine physicians to treat patients remotely and safely via secure chat, phone, or video. Our physicians will customize a treatment plan based on your condition. The physician will recommend a custom formulated prescription product made from a U.S. accredited pharmacy to treat your condition. You must start with an online visit, so we can collect photos and medical information about your health. Completing an online visit is quick and easy. If you qualify, our doctors will provide a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescribe a custom formula to treat your condition.

What is the important safety information about this product?

See the detailed safety information under the Safety Info tab for the product.

Do I need to take a photo?

Yes, your photographs will help us to accurately diagnose the cause of your medical condition and prescribe the most effective medication regimen. It is very important that we have clear photographs. Our site is mobile-friendly and simple to upload pictures.

How much does the online visit cost?

The online doctor’s visits are typically complementary. With Strut, you will only pay for the prescription if you qualify after your medical consultation. If after checking out, the doctor identifies that you are not a good candidate for treatment, you will not be charged. If you decide to transfer your prescription at any time to a non-preferred pharmacy of Strut Health, then you will be charged a $40 physician consultation fee to your credit card on file. Customer service can provide additional details on our pharmacy network.

How much does the medication cost?

The cost varies, the price is listed on the product page of the website. Prices at local pharmacies or online are often higher than what we offer. We keep our prices very competitive, as well as offering free visits and shipping.

Can I use Strut Hair Booster along with Finasteride or Dutasteride?

You can use Strut Hair Booster along with either oral or topical Finasteride or Dutasteride medications, as prescribed by a doctor. Strut Hair Booster uses Latanoprost, Melatonin, and Caffeine to address hair concerns, and its mechanisms do not overlap with how Finasteride or Dutasteride work. Finasteride and Dutasteride directly target DHT to help slow patterned hair loss. As suggested in the name, Strut Hair Booster may work to help boost the ultimate results of your hair loss treatments.

How do I use Strut Hair Booster if I am already using a topical Finasteride or Dutasteride formula?

If you are already using a topical hair loss formulation with Finasteride or Dutasteride, you can still use Strut Hair Booster. You will simply choose one time a day to apply Strut Hair Booster (many people choose the same time as their other formula for ease of application). Then, you will apply to the scalp in a thin layer directly after you have spread out the Finasteride or Dutasteride formulation. If you prefer to wait a few minutes in between to allow the first formulation to absorb, or you do want to space out the application entirely, that is also fine.

When can I expect to see results from Strut Hair Booster?

Hair loss treatment is a long process, even when it is going very well. For this reason, it is important to be patient and consistent with your formulations for the best possible results. Many of the studies done on hair loss with Latanoprost and Melatonin measure significant improvements after about 6 months. However, some users may begin noticing improvements prior to this timeline.

Can men and women use Strut Hair Booster?

Yes! Strut Hair Booster was created as a unisex formula that can be used in males or females, alone or in conjunction with other treatments. Some common hair loss treatment options may be predominantly used in one gender over the other since they focus on hormones. For instance, Dutasteride and Finasteride are normally used for male hair loss patients, while Spironolactone tends to be used in female hair loss patients only. But, Strut Hair Booster only combines active ingredients that do not have a hormonal focus and can be used in both genders. Strut Hair Booster may also be a good option for people who want to treat their hair loss, but do not want to use a DHT-targeting therapy. (Let your doctor know if you are a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding, as this formula has not been tested in these populations and should be avoided.)

How does Strut Hair Booster work?

Strut Hair Booster contains a combination of prescription and nonprescription ingredients that target hair loss prevention and potential hair density improvements. Latanoprost is the active ingredient inside the glaucoma medication Xalatan. Latanoprost is sometimes used off-label for hair loss reduction and hair density improvements. Latanoprost can help stimulate the anagen (growth phase) of the hair, and may convert short, fine, low-pigment vellus hairs into thicker, pigmented terminal hairs. Studies have shown that topical Latanoprost can increase hair density and stimulate hair follicle activity in just 24 weeks as compared to placebo. Melatonin is well known as a sleep aid, but it may also have hair loss benefits when applied to the scalp in small amounts (that will not translate into sleepiness). Studies have shown that topical Melatonin may reduce the severity of hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia), increase hair density, and reduce overall hair loss. Topical Caffeine is included for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, as well as the potential to reduce hair follicle shrinkage and reduce 5-alpha-reductase activity. Additionally, hair-healthy Biotin is included to potentially help strengthen growing strands and reduce breakage.

Will I feel tired from the melatonin in this medication?

The melatonin used in this topical formulation is in a very low amount. The melatonin will be able to work within your scalp, but will not affect your blood melatonin levels, or make you feel tired. If you like to take melatonin as a sleep aid, you could safely still use your melatonin supplement along with this topical medication with no issues.

Will I feel energized from the caffeine in this medication?

The amount of caffeine in this topical medication is meant for the scalp alone and is not enough to cause any energy increases from use. Even if you use this medication just before bed, it should not keep you awake or cause restlessness. There is no problem with continuing your normal use of caffeinated beverages while using this treatment.

How should I use Strut Hair Booster?

Use the medicine exactly as directed. Using more medicine or applying it more often than prescribed will not make it work any faster, and may increase side effects. Do not take this medication by mouth or use it in or around your eyes. Avoid getting this medication in your eyes or mouth, if this does occur, rinse with water. Apply once daily to dry, clean scalp, and wash hands after application. Wash any non-treatment area that this medication may have accidentally come into contact with to avoid unwanted hair growth. Allow to dry thoroughly and wash off in the morning, or after at least 4 hours. Can be combined with other hair loss treatment products as directed by your doctor.

What are the common side effects of Strut Hair Booster?

This is a topically applied medication, so very little of the medication should get into systemic circulation and whole body side effects should be rare. The most common side effects may include: Itching, burning, flaking, dryness, redness, swelling, scaling, hair color changes (usually darkening), scalp skin darkening, or irritation at the application site. In rare cases, chest pain or tightness, dizziness, headache, fast or irregular heartbeat, eye or vision changes, and muscle/joint/back pain may occur. See the Important Safety Information for a full list of potential side effects.

How to store Strut Hair Booster?

The Strut Hair Booster is made fresh in a pharmacy compounding laboratory, each time it is ordered. When stored in a refrigerator, the Hair Booster is stable for a minimum of 90 days from the date it is made. However, the active ingredient Latanoprost is stable for six (6) weeks when stored at room temperature. If you are not actively using Strut Hair Booster, store it in your refrigerator to preserve the dating. Once opened, you have 6 weeks to use it. Store your Strut Hair Booster Formula closed in its original container. Store Strut Hair Booster Formula safely away from pets and children.

Can Strut Hair Booster be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding?

Latanoprost is in Strut Hair Booster Formula and is a category C medication, meaning that there are not currently adequate or well-controlled studies in pregnant women. For this reason, this medication should only be used in pregnancy if the benefit outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. Caution should be exercised during breastfeeding, or the medication should be discontinued during breastfeeding. In general, we recommend that you exercise caution and do not use Strut Hair Booster during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Can I travel with Strut Hair Booster?

Yes, it’s safe and fine to use while traveling when the product is still in date. Strut Hair Booster is good for 6 weeks at room temperature. 

Can I order two bottles of Strut Hair Booster at a time for a multiple-month supply?

Since the Strut Hair Booster has a dating of 6 weeks, the pharmacy will only ship one 30ml bottle at a time, which is equivalent to a 30 day supply. You must pay for the individual bottle price each time. After 6 weeks we cannot confirm the stability or potency of the active ingredients.‍

What are the different Hair Booster formulation strengths available?

Hair Booster Regular Strength: Latanoprost 0.03% + Melatonin 0.0033% + Caffeine 0.05% $49/30mL Hair Booster Max Strength: Latanoprost 0.1% + Melatonin 0.0033% + Caffeine 0.05% $99/30mL (The max strength contains 3.3x the concentration of Latanoprost)

This unique formula is exactly what I’ve been looking for, I suffered a lot from oral finasteride’s side effects, switching to a topical finasteride and 7.5% minoxidil with tretinoin to increase absorption is the perfect formula. The online experience was also very convenient and fast, the packaging and shipping were great as well.
Mike B.
As of right now I'm very content with the service and product provided. Sign up was simple.
Bryan O.
Pretty impressed with this! It’s a lot better than taking the finasteride pill everyday and it is easy to apply! The consultation was quick and easy, and I was able to get all my questions answered quickly! Shipping was fast too! It’s a little too early to tell how the topical hair treatment will work for me, but after a week of using it, people did say there was something different about my hair. In a good way! I don’t think it works that fast, but it was definitely encouraging!
I am two months in and I am beginning to see results.
Sean G.
I finally decided to do something about my seriously thinning hair so thought I'd give Strut a try. I also liked that Strut had finasteride gel as one of their options since I did not want to take it orally. I completed my online questionnaire, uploaded photos of my hair, and awaited my physician's answer. Once approved and payment made, I received my meds in really fast time and I'm now on my way to having, hopefully, a fuller head of hair. The med products are packaged very professionally and attractively. Thanks Strut!
Easy and quick process. I have been using the gel for ten days and can already see some light stubble in thinning areas.
Great customer service and the Doctors were very thorough in explaining the process and how the products works!
Ola O.
Great price, fast service, and I'm very happy with the results.

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