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Curved Penis: Bedroom Tips for the Curved

If you or your partner have a curve to their penis, all is well in the world. This is both common and totally natural. Here are some curved penis sex tips!

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Sometimes, an erection is not a perfectly straight line. Curved penises are actually entirely common. It’s time to embrace the curve in your penis because it’s perfectly normal, and (gasp) even sought after.

Why is my penis curved? Is it normal?

According to Mayo Clinic, some penises have curves, and it’s totally okay. Penises might curve to the side, upward or downward when erect. This slight curve to the penis is not a problem for most men. This type of arch de triumph is actually called congenital penile curvature which causes a slight bend to the penis which was present at birth. It is thought to be entirely harmless.

It’s not clear why some men have a curved penis and some don’t. It is likely just down to anatomy variation. There is one theory though: It is thought a curved penis is caused by uneven penile tissue.

So, when the curved penis becomes erect, the sponge-like tissues that begin to expand in the penis, expand unevenly. Causing a slight curvature to the penis.

Don’t worry about your curved penis if:

  1. Your erections are painless
  2. The curve is not steadily increasing

When the curve is a cause for concern

While having a curved penis is perfectly normal, there are some things to be aware of. You should seek medical advice if you have both observed a curve in your erect penis and experience the following:

  • Your erections suddenly go from curve-less to curved
  • You experience painful erections, especially during sex
  • You notice your penis has a significant curve
  • The curve in your penis is steadily increasing
  • You observe indentations or hourglass-like appearance to your penis.
  • You can feel nodules in the tissue of your penis

If you experience this, it might indicate an injury or Peyronie’s disease. This is a condition that occurs when scar tissue develops in the penis, which can cause painful curved erections and sometimes, erectile dysfunction. Not much is known about what causes this condition, but its thought to be the cause of a repeated injury or trauma from, for example, sex or athletic sports. Peyronie’s disease varies from congenital penile curvature because a congenital curvature does not involve the presence of scar tissue in the penis.

Let’s talk about sex

Throwing a curveball in the bedroom? Use it to your advantage. Most women simply don’t care if a penis has a curve. Some even prefer it, claiming it helps to stimulate the G spot more directly. After all, there are sex toys that are specifically designed with a curvature. Penises are vastly unique. And there is no such thing as a ‘bad penis’. Just perhaps, the lack of knowledge of how to use said penis. So let’s talk about the types of curves and their time-to-shine use cases in the heterosexual bedroom. (We’re experimenting here, so remember to avoid anything that is uncomfortable or painful for you or your partner)

Curved upward

Similar to a banana, this type of penis curves slightly upward when erect.

This curvature is the type that makes stimulating the G spot, A spot, C spot (oh my) more easily accessible during penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex. PIV Position Tip: Thanks to that upward curvature, even missionary is a crowd-pleaser.

Curved downward

This type of penis has a slight curve pointed downward when erect. Likened to an upside-down banana. That being said, let’s turn this whole thing back to front. ;)PIV Position Tip: Rear entry positions will offer the same G spot stimulation as the upward curved penis in missionary.


This type of penis has curvatures right. If rocking this curve, it’s best to try out various angles. PIV Position Tip: While your partner lays on her side, try penetration with the tip of the penis pointing upward. The best tip is to get yourself in a position where the curve of the penis is pointing upward.


If you or your partner have a curve to their penis, all is well in the world. This is both common and totally natural.

Make sure no pain is experienced during sex or when erect. If you experience painful erections or the curve is increasing, reach out to your doctor about possible treatment. You can experience very satisfying sex with a curved penis. Just remember to:

  • Work your angles
  • Keep the direction of the curve in mind
  • Communicate with your partner about what feels good
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