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This Is The Best Way to Measure Penis Length and Girth

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So you want to know how to measure your penis? Somehow, every guy finds himself whipping out the all-telling measuring tape at some point. It’s basically a male rite of passage. Maybe you’re measuring because you’re just curious or maybe you’re trying to find a better fitting condom. But are you measuring correctly? Let’s find out and learn the correct way to measure a penis.

Before you start measuring:

  • No matter the length, or girth of your penis, do not fret over the measurements you come up with
  • The size of your penis does not determine your worth nor does it determine inherent sexual prowess or lack thereof.
  • You’ll need a flexible fabric measuring tape. It’s not advised to use a sharp and rigid carpenter measuring tape (one wrong move with that one and ow). If you don’t have a flexible one, use a string in its place and then measure the string separately.
  • Note: In medical research, there are two types of measurements when measuring a penis: a measurement taken when flaccid and one while erect. However, when measuring for a condom size, measure an erect penis. 

How to measure penis girth:

Wait, what is girth? We know, “girth” is not a word that is common in a general lexicon. The definition of girth is the length around an object. In this use, we’re referring to penis girth, so the length of the penis circumference.

Here is how to measure the girth of your penis:

  1. Using a flexible measuring tape measure, wrap the measuring tape around the widest part of the penis. (If the penis head is larger than the penis shaft, measure that too)
  2. Easy as that! The measurement of the widest part of the penis is your girth size.

You can take a measurement while flaccid and one while erect. However, if measuring for a condom, use the erect measurement.

How to measure penis length:

Length is a more straightforward descriptor of measurement than girth. Penis length is the length between the very base/root of the penis to the tip of the head. Forget any penis myths you’ve heard about the correlation between shoe size or hand size and penis size. The size of the penis is entirely unrelated to the size of your hands or feet.

Here is how to measure the length of your penis:

  1. Start measuring at the tip of the penis.
  2. Measure along the length of the penis and into the pubic bone
  3. Press down past any layer of fat you might have on top of your pubic down.
  4. Stop measuring at the public bone.

Bingo! There’s your penis length size.

What is the average penis size?

We know where your mind has gone next. What is the “normal” size of a penis? What’s the average American penis size? Well, we’ll tell you.In a recent 2014 study, researchers gathered self-reported data from 1,661 men and found the following about average penis size:

In 1996 the Journal of Urology published a lab-controlled study that reported very similar results. From a sample of 80 men, researchers found:

Fun fact: researchers found the average length change from flaccid to erect is 1.5 inches.

Are you a grower or a shower?

There has actually been scientific research conducted on the differences between being a “grower” or a “shower”.

Grower: Is defined as a penis that shows significant length growth when fully erect.

Shower: Is defined as a penis that does not significantly change in length when erect. The growers grow and the showers are already showing. If when you took measurements at your flaccid and erect state, you were bigger erect by more than 1.5 inches - you’re a grower. If the measurements are at or less than 1.5 inches - you’re a shower.

Why does knowing your measurements matter?

Buying and using the right size condom is extremely important to the proper function of this contraceptive and STI preventative.

There are many instances where a man is not wearing a condom that is the proper size. It might be too large, and flop around. It also might be too snug, causing rips or tears in the condom.

Measuring your penis can help you buy the correct size condom. If your penis is of average size, the “standard” size should fit your penis correctly.

If it’s significantly above average, shop for condoms labeled “large”; if it's smaller than average shop for the “snug” option.

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