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What Is the Vitamin B12 Dosage for Erectile Dysfunction?

Making sure your B12 levels are within range may be a good idea to help with ED symptoms. Learn the usual B12 dosage for supplementation here.

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Some studies suggest that low B12 levels might have something to do with ED, or at least potentially play a role in its development in some situations.

And, since it is smart to make sure that your required vitamin levels are in a normal range for a lot of reasons other than ED symptoms, keeping an eye on your B12 levels and knowing how to increase your general intake is a good idea.

Below, we will cover what your B12 levels have to do with ED, what homocysteine has to do with the B12 and ED connection, the recommended amount of B12 you should get through your diet, and how much B12 to supplement with if you plan on going that route.

What do B12 levels have to do with erectile dysfunction?

If you have a B12 deficiency, you may experience a number of negative symptoms including: fatigue, depression, cognitive disturbances, dizziness, difficulty walking, muscle cramps, tingling and numbness in the hands and feet, swollen red feet, shortness of breath, diarrhea, abdominal distention, and even erectile dysfunction.

B12 plays an important role in red blood cell production, energy levels, and a healthy nervous system. And, in severe cases, a deficiency may cause permanent damage. So, making sure that your levels are in a normal range is very important.

The B12 and Homocysteine connection

It makes sense that if your energy levels are low and you are having some of the symptoms listed above that your sexual ability and drive may be affected, but the connection between low B12 and ED may go deeper than that.

Homocysteine is an amino acid that is normally broken down by B vitamins, including B12. When Homocysteine levels are too high it may signal a deficiency of these vitamins, and can even be a marker for increased risk of heart disease, dementia, and stroke.

One study found that low B12 and folic acid (another B vitamin) levels may co-cause high Homocysteine levels and eventually lead to ED.

The recommended amount of dietary B12

The recommended dietary allowance of B12 for male and female adults is 2.4mcg of B12 daily. Although, that number is slightly higher for a woman who is pregnant or lactating, at 2.6mcg and 2.8mcg respectively.

Almost all foods that contain B12 are meat-based or sourced from animals, so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, you may need to make sure you obtain your B12 from foods fortified with B12 or a supplement. Nutritional yeast is a good vegan source of B12 that can provide a tasty cheesy flavor to foods.

The following are foods that contain B12 (listed from higher to lower amounts): beef liver, clams, tuna, fortified nutritional yeast, salmon, beef, milk, yogurt, fortified breakfast cereals, cheese, eggs, turkey, and tempeh.

The recommended supplemental B12 dosage

If you have had your B12 levels tested and it has been determined that you have a B12 deficiency, your doctor will likely recommend a way to get your levels in a normal range. That may include a little higher supplementation than usual for a while, including more B12-rich foods in your diet, or even B12 injections. Listen to your doctor’s advice on correcting a deficiency.

If you are looking to include B12 supplementation in your diet because you do not eat many B12-rich foods, or you are a vegan or vegetarian, there may be some general guidelines for daily or weekly supplementation.

According to Dr. Michael Greger of, supplementing with 50mcg B12 daily or 2,000mcg B12 weekly may be a good dosage to aim for in adults.

Vitamin B12 and erectile dysfunction: Bottom line

There may be a connection between low B12 levels and erectile dysfunction. Some studies suggest this connection may have to do with higher Homocysteine levels in the body from not having enough B vitamins around to help break it down.

Getting enough B12 in your diet or through supplementation is important because a B12 deficiency can cause unwanted symptoms – some of which may even be permanent in the case of long-term deficiency.

Even though most cases of ED are not caused due to a B12 deficiency, it is important to identify and correct a deficiency for your general health. Also, even if low B12 is not the main cause of your ED symptoms, your B12 levels being too low is definitely not helping the situation.

If you are concerned about your B12 levels, your doctor can run a test to measure your levels and develop a plan to help remedy any deficiency they identify. Low B12 levels may be helped by increased intake through your diet, an oral or sublingual supplement, or sometimes even B12 injections. Listen to your doctor’s recommendations on dosages for your exact situation.

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Identifying and correcting a B12 deficiency is a step in the right direction for your general health. And, for some people, it may even help improve ED symptoms to some extent. 

However, most ED situations are not due to low B12 levels and might require lifestyle changes or improvements in other health conditions in order to improve ED. 

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