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Strut O Cream: An Arousal Boost for Women?

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Low sexual desire or reduced libido in women may be a more common issue than was once thought.

One study, involving 2207 U.S. women evaluated the women for low sexual desire using questionnaires, and found that 26.7% of premenopausal women and 52.4% of naturally menopausal women reported low sexual desire.

For some women, low sexual desire may develop into emotional distress, reduced self-esteem, have an effect on quality of life, or put a strain on romantic relationships.

Sometimes, low desire may develop due to lack of stimulation, sensitivity, or natural lubrication production.

Strut O Cream was developed to increase sensitivity and blood flow to the clitoral region as a way to help women who would like to experience more stimulation and sensitivity in the bedroom.

Strut O Cream is also safe enough for use in women who would like to increase the excitement in their romantic endeavors and try something new.


Sildenafil is a widely known drug for erectile dysfunction, marketed under the brand name “Viagra.” Sildenafil is in the class of medications PDE-5 inhibitors, which work by ultimately increasing the blood flow to erogenous regions. While Viagra is a medication approved for males only, researchers have looked into what benefits Sildenafil may convey to women who want to enhance their stimulation during intimacy.

In one 2008 study, 25 postmenopausal women took a single 50mg dose of oral Sildenafil. These women then had their uterine and clitoral blood flow measured without being exposed to any erotic stimulus. Even without stimulation, Sildenafil was found to significantly increase uterine and clitoral blood flow. This suggests that during intimacy, Sildenafil in women may help with erogenous blood flow and subsequently increased satisfaction in the bedroom.

It could be expected that a topical Sildenafil formulation applied directly to the clitoral areas may help deliver the same increased blood flow results to women, without having to deliver the medication throughout the whole body as with the oral tablet form of Sildenafil. For this reason, Strut O Cream was developed with Sildenafil dispersed in a cream for quick and easy application.


Pentoxifylline is a drug that is known to improve circulation. Pentoxifylline is normally used as a medication for Intermittent Claudication to improve blood circulation in the legs and prevent the pain associated with low blood flow.

This medication helps smooth muscles relax and decreases blood viscosity to improve overall circulation.

Since female arousal involves smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow, Strut O Cream includes Pentoxifylline in a topical formulation for local increases in blood flow.


Arginine, or L-Arginine, is an amino acid that converts to Nitric Oxide (NO) inside the body.

Some take Arginine as an oral supplement to help improve cardiac function and blood flow throughout the body.

Nitric Oxide is an important signaling hormone best known and often used for its rapid blood vessel dilating function.

Nitric Oxide increases from topical applications have shown benefit in men with erectile dysfunction by relaxing smooth muscle tone and increasing blood flow by dilating vessels.

With the female sexual anatomy also deriving benefits from smooth muscle relaxation and blood flow increases, topical Arginine is thought to deliver sexual benefits to women as well.

Arginine is included in Strut O Cream as a topical application to help provide additional blood flow stimulation in a local manner.

What to expect from Strut O Cream

When these medications are combined together in a local cream application as in Strut O Cream, the vasodilatory effect is thought to be amplified.

Most women will apply the formula to the clitoral area about 30 minutes before sexual activity and should start feeling a warm or tingling sensation soon after.

The O Cream should be fully rubbed in for about 30 seconds, and once fully absorbed risk of transfer to your partner should be minimal. The effects of the cream should wear off over the course of about 2 hours.

During sexual activity, while using Strut O Cream, women may experience increased sensitivity, arousal, or increased ability to achieve orgasm.


Strut O Cream is a novel off-label compounded formulation of 3 validated vasodilators to locally enhance blood flow to the clitoral area.

With a topical cream application, whole-body side effects are rare as compared to taking these medications by mouth.

Strut O Cream may be a safe and easy addition to the boudoir for women who want to improve their desire and overall satisfaction or want to add a little excitement to the bedroom.

O Cream contains medications that are prescription-only, so you will need a prescription to ensure Strut O Cream is an appropriate option for you. You can schedule an Online Visit with a doctor to see if Strut O Cream is right for you. If you are a good candidate, the prescription medication can be shipped discreetly and quickly to your front door.

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