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8 Signs of Female Arousal

What are the signs of female arousal? There are many. In this article, we outline surprising female arousal facts. Read to learn more of these signs.

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What are the signs of female arousal? There are many. From the deepening of the vagina to a release of a cocktail of pheromones, the body sure is busy during sexual arousal.

In this article, we outline 8 surprising female arousal facts and signs.

First, let’s talk briefly about arousal. Arousal is the physiological response to sexual excitement. As opposed to the emotional urge for intimate sexual connection, known as desire. There are four stages to arousal:

  • Excitement: the beginning stages of feeling turned on.
  • Plateau: the height of arousal, right before orgasm.
  • Orgasm: the pleasurable peak of the sexual response cycle.
  • Resolution: after an orgasm, the body relaxes to bask in the feel-good hormones that have been released into the body.
The Female Orgasm graph

These 8 female arousal signs might surprise you

1. Erogenous zones become very sensitive

The word “erogenous” is derived from the Greek words "eros" (sexual love) and "genous" (producing).

These are mega-sensitive “love producing” areas of the body that are sensitive to touch, especially when sexually aroused. For a woman, her erogenous zones are the nape of the neck, ears, scalp, inner wrists, lower back, stomach, fingertips, butt, nipples, clitoris, g-spot (the list goes on and on).

These zones become particularly sensitive when aroused. When turned on, just grazing these erogenous zones can be stimulating.

2. Pupils may dilate

Pupil dilation is a great indication that you are either aroused or attracted to someone. Eyes are considered to be dilated when the dark middle section of the eye expands.

It’s believed that the dilation is caused by the release of oxytocin and dopamine. This hormone surge of “love hormones” causes pupil dilation as well as many other things.

3. Breasts might become 25% fuller

Breasts expand when sexually excited. Multiple parts of the body expand and swell in the plateau phase of arousal but breasts can get up to 20 to 25 percent bigger when aroused.

4. Vagina canal can deepen and expand by 200%

According to Dr. Lissa Rankin, when sexually aroused, the vagina can expand by 200%. This is caused by something called “vaginal tenting” where the uterus and cervix are drawn up toward the pelvis, causing a lengthening of the vaginal canal. This begins to happen in the plateau stage of arousal.

5. The body releases pheromones that increase mutual sexual desire

During arousal, subconsciously powerful pheromones are released from the apocrine glands in the areola. Neither you nor your partner might be consciously aware of this intoxicating scent, but pheromones can actually increase the mutual desire for each other.

6. Your blood vessels dilate, heart rate quickens, and blood pressure rises.

When aroused and working up to an orgasm, both heart rate and blood pressure increase briefly. After the orgasm, these vitals go back to their baseline.

Blood vessels dilate when aroused which allows for increased blood flow to the genitals. This begins to happen in the plateau stage of arousal.

7. Nipples might become erect because of oxytocin release

It’s no secret that nipples get hard when sexually excited. But why is that? During sexual arousal, the muscles beneath the nipples contract and stimulate the release of the so-called “love hormone” oxytocin.

This triggers the pilomotor reflex (raised skin from stimuli). Causing the nipples and areolas to become erect. Similar to pupil dilation, hard nipples are a sign a woman is turned on and releasing the “love hormone”.

8. The muscles around the opening of the vagina become more relaxed

The more aroused a woman is, the more the muscles of the vagina relax. During arousal, the vagina naturally becomes lubricated, relaxes, and expands itself in anticipation of sex.

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