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When Is It ED and When Is It Just an off Night?

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Most men probably hope that, during romantic encounters, there is never an issue with performance. However, the truth is that it can be completely normal to not function as desired on occasion.

But, just when does the situation go from having an “off” couple of nights, and when might non-performance in the bedroom signal erectile dysfunction?

Below, we will cover just why having a bad night doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong, what the general definition of ED is, what are some signs that may point to ED, and how you can go about getting help for your symptoms.

Having a bad night can be completely normal

It is completely normal to not perform as expected or desired in the bedroom every once in a while. Maybe you had one too many cocktails that evening, maybe you have had a long week and feel exhausted, or maybe your mind is stressed about something and you can’t quite get into the sensual mind space. All of these things are completely valid, normal, and occur to most men and sometimes.

So, if one of those “off” nights happened to you, it is important to take note of it to see if there are any trends, but try not to worry too much about it or beat yourself up. Chances are, your partner knows that things like this are normal and they will be kind and understanding as well.

What is the general definition of erectile dysfunction?

The general definition of erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.

While there is not a universally agreed upon percentage of the time that erectile problems occur for it to be considered ED, if it is regular, or a big change from our normal functionality, it may fall into the ED category.

Some sources cite that not being able to achieve an erection 50% of the time may be the threshold for ED that should probably be treated, while others suggest that not being able to achieve an erection 25% of the time might be the signifier of erectile dysfunction.

However, every man is a little different in this arena, so it is important to think about what was always “normal” for you, and if your performance has been significantly deviating from that. Also, if your erectile difficulties are just very upsetting to you and you want to speak with your doctor about it, you should go ahead and do just that.

What are some signs that you are dealing with ED?

Only you know your own body and what is normal for you. So, if you think something may be changing, you probably are not imagining things. However, ED tends to develop slowly and incrementally, making the changes more subtle until they become a big problem.

Below, are some things that may be potential signs or beginnings of developing ED:

  • Erections upon waking or during the night are less frequent
  • You think about sex less often
  • You have a reduced desire for sex
  • You have developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes
  • The firmness of your erections has gradually decreased
  • The amount of time your erections last has gradually decreased

How to get help for ED symptoms

The first step in getting help for ED is discussing the issue with a doctor.

You can either discuss the concern with a doctor in person, or through telemedicine platforms that specialize in sexual health concerns, like Strut Health.

If your ED is a straightforward case, a doctor may be able to prescribe ED medications that tend to work for most users right away. But, other cases may require additional testing and appointments to help rule out underlying causes that you may not be aware of or to identify if there is a psychological reason behind the ED.

Strut Health ED medications prescribed online and shipped free 

Here at Strut, we carry the most commonly prescribed erectile dysfunction medications including Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis).

On our secure telemedicine platform, you can select the treatment you want to try and then complete a free online questionnaire-based consultation. Our doctors will review your information and determine whether you are a good candidate for ED treatment. If you are a good fit for the medication, a doctor will put together a treatment regimen and the medication will be shipped to your front door with free shipping from a U.S. licensed pharmacy.

If you have any questions or need dose adjustments on subsequent refills, simply reach out to our staff and doctors for free and unlimited follow-ups.

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