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What Are the Worst Foods for ED? 5 Food Categories That Men May Want To Limit

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Most people are aware that following a diet that is mainly comprised of unhealthy foods can lead to general declines in overall health, but some men may not realize that those negative effects may show up as sexual problems sooner rather than later.

When you boil it down, a well-functioning sexual response is closely tied to good cardiovascular health. After all, for men the basic process is just vessels dilating properly and good efficient blood flow to the erogenous areas. 

If these small vessels are narrowed by plaques, or blood flow is suboptimal from common cardiovascular health affecting conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes -- your performance in the bedroom can suffer. And, since the vessels in the penile area are much smaller in diameter than the hefty vessels supplying your heart, it is common to notice erectile issues from poor cardiovascular health way before your heart starts to protest.

Below, we will break down some general categories of foods that you may want to limit if you are trying to optimize your sexual health. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to swear off all of these items, but consume them in moderation and focus on making the bulk of your diet heart (and erection) healthy foods like the ones mentioned in our blog on the best foods for ED.

1. Too many alcoholic beverages

Having a fun drink or two can help spice up your date night and maybe even boost desire in the moment. But, over consumption of alcohol on the regular can actually reduce blood testosterone levels and may contribute to erectile dysfunction symptoms. 

2. Excess refined sugars

Consuming too much sugar is a bad thing for any part of your body, and it can contribute to weight gain and the development of conditions that negatively affect your cardiovascular health like diabetes or obesity.

Consume sugary foods in moderation, and opt for incorporating foods like fruits to combat those sweet-tooth cravings instead.

3. Processed carbohydrates

You shouldn’t eschew all carbohydrates, as they can be very healthy and a great way to stay energized, feel satisfied, and get plenty of healthy nutrients. But, you may want to be more choosy as to which carbohydrates are on your plate most of the time.

More highly-refined carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, and white rice are quicker-release carbohydrates that may lead to blood sugar spikes and weight gain, which can be detrimental to your cardiovascular health if you overdo it.

Instead, choose healthier carbohydrate options that spike blood sugar less while coming along with higher amounts of heart healthy fiber and nutrients by leaving the original grain more intact. These would include whole grain breads and pastas, and brown rice.

4. Foods very high in sodium

Consistently eating processed foods that are very high in sodium like some canned products or frozen processed meals may contribute to or worsen high blood pressure. 

High blood pressure can negatively affect your circulation in the long term by damaging your blood vessels from the pressure overload.

Help avoid developing potentially ED-inducing high blood pressure by limiting high sodium foods. Or, help get control of your current high blood pressure through medications and better food choices to avoid having the condition negatively affect your erections.

5. Fatty foods

Too much trans fats or saturated fat in your diet may contribute to the development of high cholesterol. High cholesterol states can lead to the development of plagues in your vessels which reduce optimal blood flow levels. 

The small vessels in the penile area can also be affected by narrowing from high cholesterol, and ED may develop in the long term.

Avoid less healthy fats, too much fried food, and instead try to use more heart healthy oils that contain omega-3s like olive oil.

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