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Watermelon for ED: Can This Fruit Deliver Bedroom Benefits?

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Watermelon is widely known as a refreshing and delicious summer treat.

Some people are also now looking deeper into this tasty melon to see if any of the contained phytonutrients may be able to deliver benefits for men experiencing ED.

Below, we will cover the nutrient in watermelon that is of interest when it comes to erectile function, what we know so far about citrulline in studies, and outline if watermelon may help men dealing with ED.

What is in watermelon that may help with erectile function?

The primary nutrient of interest inside watermelons is citrulline. Citrulline is an amino acid that converts to another amino acid, arginine. Arginine then can convert into nitric oxide which is a potent vessel dilator for the body.

Basically, it is this better and easier vessel dilation through the nitric oxide end product that is hypothesized to potentially have erectile-improving effects.

What do we know so far about citrulline and ED?

So, does this “consume citrulline and have better erections” hypothesis pan out? A few studies have tried to figure out if there is indeed a connection here.

Firstly, one study checked to see if men experiencing ED even had lower levels of citrulline or arginine as compared to normal levels. It was discovered that a significant portion of men in this study dealing with ED did in fact have low levels of citrulline, arginine, or both. This connection was especially seen in the men that likely had ED stemming from an arteriogenic cause like vascular disease or narrowing of the arteries.

In another study, 24 men with mild ED were instructed to take a placebo supplement daily for 1 month, followed by taking 1.5 grams of citrulline in supplement form daily for one month. Their sexual function was measured after both scenarios. At the end of the trial, only 2 out of 24 men reported improvements in erection hardness after the placebo period, while 12 out of 24 men had improvements in erection hardness after the citrulline supplement month. The mean number of intercourses per month also improved significantly at the end of the citrulline month from 1.37 ± 0.93 at baseline to 2.3 ± 1.37 at the end of the citrulline treatment phase.

How much citrulline is in watermelon

While some studies suggest that there may be some blood flow improvements when taking a citrulline supplement, do these benefits also come through when just eating a watermelon that contains some citrulline?

We do not quite know yet. But, it is important to note that citrulline supplements have relatively high levels of citrulline as compared to what you would get out of a normal serving of watermelon.

Melons can differ a bit, and the yellow and orange watermelons tend to have more citrulline than the red watermelons. There is also generally more citrulline in the watermelon rind than the flesh of the watermelon. But, in general, you can expect a 4-ounce portion of watermelon to contain about 150 mg of citrulline. This is 1/10th of the amount of citrulline given in supplement form in the study above.

Can watermelon help men deal with erectile dysfunction?

We don’t yet know if eating watermelon can help a man with his erectile dysfunction complaints. But, if it does make a difference, it is unlikely to have as strong of an effect as prescription medications like Viagra (Sildenafil), and may require very large portions of watermelon.

The idea behind the benefit is the fact that citrulline (which is found in watermelon) can convert to arginine, which can convert into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide plays a role in the physical vessel dilation that occurs in the penile tissues in response to arousal to allow increased blood flow.

However, even if watermelon may not be the ticket to ED improvement, there is no harm in giving it a try, or just enjoying it for the great flavor and nutritional profile. 

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