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Scream Cream Not Working? 6 Strut O Cream Application Tips

Is your scream cream not working? Here are 6 scream cream tips to ensure that this medication is able to properly absorb and have the most effect.

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Strut O Cream is our version of a compounded “scream cream” meant to help ramp up the body’s natural lubrication, and increase sensation during intimacy.

While a cream application may seem easy enough, there are a few tips to ensure that this medication is able to properly absorb and have the most effect.

If you are just looking into using a scream cream, or you have tried it out a few times but feel like you may not be doing something quite right, read on to make sure you are giving the medication every opportunity to do its thing.

1. Give the cream time to work

Patience is key when it comes to scream creams, and this is because even though you are applying the cream directly to your genital area, it still takes a little time to absorb and set off the chain of events that leads to vessels opening up and increasing the local blood flow and sensation.

The usual instructions for these medications are to apply 30 minutes before expected sexual activity. So, be sure to time it out and aim for a good 20-30 minutes before sexual activity.

During this time you can still start getting into the mood with your partner, and this may actually help everything work together with the cream a little better.

2. It may take a few tries to get it right

Scream cream may not work perfectly for you and your partner right off the bat. The application may be a little off, you may really not be in the mood that day, or you are anxious about the medication working and are finding it hard to fully relax.

There are multiple reasons why you may have an “off” night, and that is ok. Scream cream doesn’t do 100% of the work, it still plays off of your body’s normal cues and changes that happen when you get into the mood.

Be patient with the medication, review all the tips in this article, listen to your body, and be aware that it may take a few tries to figure out what, when, and how scream cream works for you.

3. Gently massage the cream in

The application of the medication plays a big role in making sure it is being absorbed properly and also coming into contact with the right places. Dispense 6-8 pumps of the medication onto cream hands (or less if you find that works for you), then take a good 10-30 seconds to massage the medication into the clitoral and vulva area.

Too quick of an application may lead to less medication absorbing, the right areas not coming into contact with it enough, or losing some of the cream on clothes and linens.

4. Try a smoother application

For some women, the cream may apply more easily if the area has hair removed. This will help avoid product losses from being applied to hair, and may lead to a better outcome with the medication.

5. Know what to expect

With a lot of medications, having the right mindset and expectation is key. Scream creams are meant to help heighten your naturally occurring blood flow and lubrication to intensify the experience.

But, if you are really not feeling in the mood at all or rushing the experience, the natural cues from your body may not be there for the medication to work with.

These creams can be helpful to enhance the body’s sensual response, but it does not do everything on its own, so taking time to get into the mood is key.

Expecting instant fireworks seconds after application is unrealistic, and may reduce your perception of the medication, even if it is working quite well.

6. Follow all the instructions and listen to your doctor

Lastly, but very importantly, be sure to read all of the materials that come along with your medication before hopping right into the application, and follow any other instructions from your doctor.

There may be a few key instructions that you accidentally missed, like timing, and where and how to apply, that may make the medication not work as well for you.

If any questions or concerns arise, get back in touch with your doctor to make sure you are on the right track.

What if it is still not working for you?

This treatment is not 100% effective for every patient. It may not work for every patient or may only work to partially resolve the condition that it is meant to treat.

If the treatment is not working, or if you find that you are experiencing new or worsening symptoms, contact us as well as your doctor to identify if you should continue this treatment.

This medication may take a few attempts in order to work for you. If after many tries this medication does not work, reach out to your doctor and they may be able to adjust your dose in order to make the medication work for you, the physician consult is free, but you will have to pay for the prescription again if you need a different formulation.

Strut O Cream focuses on helping to enhance and increase the physical responses of arousal. So, if there are other issues at play involving other conditions, medications, hormonal issues, or relationship problems that are causing your sexual issues, or reducing your libido, this medication may not fully resolve your issues.

If it is an emergency, call 911 or seek immediate medical help.

We are providing this treatment for you because the potential benefits outweigh the risks in our estimation based on the medical information provided. You should evaluate this information and any input from your in-person healthcare team, and any other relevant information to decide if this treatment plan is appropriate for you.

Scream Cream Tips Conclusion

Scream creams like Strut O Cream can be a great way to help improve your sexual response and help overcome sexual health issues like reduced arousal or reduced sensitivity for women.

But, there are a few tips and instructions that you should follow to make sure you are getting the most out of your medication.

Timing, the correct application, being patient, following all instructions, having the right mindset, and knowing what to expect are all necessary for the best possible results.

Give the medication a few tries and be patient with yourself to help find what works best for you and your partner.

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