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Can You Get Scream Cream Over The Counter? What To Know

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Scream Cream is the industry term for a compounded medication often made up for individual patients in a specialty compounding pharmacy.

This cream is meant to be applied to the vaginal and clitoral areas and can help increase local sensation and sensitivity to help enhance the sexual experience for women.

But, where do women find this medication and how do you know if this would be a good fit for your sex life?

Can you get Scream Cream over the counter?

No, you cannot find scream cream over the counter.

Scream creams are often made up by compounding pharmacies by mixing medication powders into base creams, and once compounding is occurring the product is automatically a prescription medication.

Also, some of the commonly used ingredients in scream creams include prescription-only medications, and once they are contained in the cream the entire cream becomes prescription only.

While you may find some over the counter products that claim to be female intimacy enhancement creams, these will not contain the same prescription-only ingredients that are often mixed into the compounded scream creams.

Why do you need a prescription for Scream Cream?

Scream creams are often compounded and contain some prescription-only ingredients, and once something has been mixed in a compounding pharmacy or contains prescription ingredients, it automatically requires a prescription to obtain.

Also, certain people may not be good candidates for scream cream, or maybe their intimacy issues are stemming from something that requires medical attention.

By meeting with a doctor and discussing your personal goals, concerns, or frustrations about your sex life, they can review your personal details and make sure you are a good candidate for scream cream therapy.

Who should use Scream Cream?

Scream Cream is a generally well-tolerated medication that is suitable for many women ranging from those that have lost sex drive or desire due to medical or hormonal issues, to women who just want to add in a little extra spark to the relationship.

So, while the majority of women who are interested in trying something new in the bedroom are candidates for therapy, certain people should steer clear of scream creams.

If you are currently pregnant or trying to become pregnant you should not use scream creams as certain medications inside may not be suitable for a developing child.

If you are currently breastfeeding you should not use scream creams as the minute amounts of medication that may get into circulation may not be appropriate or may be untested in a child who is drinking the breastmilk.

If you have genital herpes you should avoid scream creams that have the ingredient Arginine, as this amino acid may increase the replication of the herpes virus. Often, scream creams can be formulated without this ingredient if you have herpes.

If you know that you have an allergy to any of the ingredients contained in the product you should avoid using the scream cream. Your pharmacy will be able to supply you with a list of all contained ingredients before you receive the product.

Where can I find doctors that know about Scream Cream?

Our U.S. licensed doctors are well-versed on scream cream and which women it is suitable for, and they can prescribe scream cream for you after an Online Visit if you are a good candidate for therapy.

Alternatively, certain doctors that are local to you and familiar with compounding pharmacies and compounded prescriptions may be knowledgeable on scream creams and they can give you a prescription which you will then take to a compounding pharmacy.

If you aren’t sure if your current doctor knows about scream cream, you can always ask them.

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