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3 Ways To Get Harder, Faster

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It’s no secret that getting and remaining hard is a big part of enjoying a fulfilling sex life for a man. You might think getting an erection would be simple and effortless, given the proper arousing stimulation. But for many men, this is not an easy task. If you are wondering how you can improve your erections and get harder faster and longer, you are in no means alone in this. Let’s talk about the many ways you can improve your erections by using pills to get hard fast.

In the pursuit of harder, better, faster, stronger.

You might be surprised to know that erectile dysfunction ails men of all ages. This condition does not just affect those in their golden years.

In a 2013 study, researchers found that 26 percent of men under 40 years old, deal with erectile dysfunction to some degree. Of that 26 percent, almost half of the young men dealt with a severe case of erectile dysfunction. These young ED patients also displayed a frequent habit of smoking cigarettes and or the use of illicit drugs. Yes, we all have our vices, but yours might be affecting your ability to get hard and enjoy a great sex life. This begs the question if you can negatively affect your ability to get hard by way of poor lifestyle habits, is the opposite true? Can you actually improve your erections by simply making healthier lifestyle choices?

Lifestyle intervention to improve your erections

Before one considers any medical interventions, it’s best to address certain ailments with lifestyle changes first. This means slowly and consistently changing everyday life decisions in order to change an outcome. Let’s outline 3 ways you can enjoy harder, longer-lasting erections with lifestyle changes. Spoiler: you’ve heard these before, but for good reason. These lifestyle factors are the bedrock of great overall health for everyone. But, remember, these changes can directly impact your ability to get and stay hard.

#1 Nutrition

The old adage “you are what you eat” is annoyingly true. Many studies have suggested links between erectile dysfunction and nutrition. In a 2018 review, researchers found:

  • ED is less common among men who eat a Mediterranean diet
  • Losing weight can improve ED in people who are overweight

The Mediterranean diet is not only shown to be great for your overall health, but it’s also delicious. And I know, the word “diet” honestly makes me roll my eyes so hard because it imposes the idea I will be lacking any and all enticingly amazing food. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have your cake, and enjoy erections too.

Consider this: Researchers say, to improve or prevent ED, you might want to consider focusing on eating the Mediterranean diet which is high in vegetables, fruit, nuts, legumes, fish, seafood, and extra virgin olive oil.  

#2 Physical Activity

I hate to be the echo of a broken record but, exercising more often can directly impact your health. Not to mention, this lifestyle factor is the most strongly correlated with erectile function. A 2018 systematic review recommends consistently incorporating 40 minutes of aerobic exercise 4 times per week to have an impact on erectile health. “Overall, weekly exercise of 160 minutes for 6 months contributes to decreasing erectile problems in men with ED caused by physical inactivity, obesity, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and/or cardiovascular diseases.”

Want to improve your erections? Get moving ;) (No seriously, this has the biggest correlation out of all of these factors. Go get your running shoes on.)

#3 Stress management

High-stress levels can wreak havoc on all of us. So it only makes sense it can affect erections. Stress-induced erectile dysfunction is best managed by keeping your stress levels in check. Perhaps you are being affected by difficult life circumstances, problems at work, or strained relationships. This psychological stress can directly affect your ability to get hard while in the bedroom.  To better manage stress you might want to try:

Performance anxiety is a real boner killer.

Let’s consider a hypothetical example for a moment. Josh is a 28-year-old man who is reasonably healthy, doesn’t smoke, and only drinks socially. When he is pleasuring solo, he has no trouble getting aroused and significantly hard. But lately, when he is with his current sexual partner, he can’t seem to get or stay hard. He is beyond frustrated and worries his partner is going to judge him.

In a situation like this, the difficulty getting hard is not likely caused by a physiological issue (problems with your body) but a psychological one (imbalances of emotions, causing hormonal reactions). Researchers show there is a real link between a man’s emotional state and his ability to get hard. If you are having a difficult time getting hard in the bedroom, take a moment to consider if you experience this same difficulty when you’re alone. If you get hard quickly, easily, and for sustained periods while masturbating, you likely do not have a physiological condition as evidenced by your hard erection while masturbating.)Instead, consider your emotions while in the bedroom. It’s a good idea to look into ways you can self soothe your nerves so you can relax your mind and body enough to get hard and enjoy sex.

Considering Pills to get hard fast or other ED treatments

If lifestyle changes and emotional state considerations were tried in earnest and ED did not improve, you might be a candidate for ED medications. While ED medications aren’t for everyone, they certainly help millions of men every year. The most widely trusted ED medications are Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis). These medications may help you get and stay hard.  

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