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Low Vitamin D Levels and ED: Is There a Connection Here?

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We know that there are lifestyle factors that can contribute to men developing ED during their lifetime, and maybe even sooner than usual. 

Healthy lifestyle factors that may help you avoid issues in the bedroom can include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, not smoking, and using alcohol in moderation. But, can we also add adequate vitamin D levels into the mix?

Some studies suggest that there may be a correlation between low ED levels and experiencing ED symptoms, making keeping a close eye on your levels all the more important when you are treating a sexual health issue.

Below, we will cover what the studies say about Vitamin D and ED, what Vitamin D levels you should maintain, ways to figure out your Vitamin D levels, and how to increase them if they come up lacking.

Is there a connection between low Vitamin D levels and erectile dysfunction?

Most studies that have looked into low Vitamin D levels and ED find that there is a potential connection between the two.

One updated review from 2021, concluded that measuring Vitamin D levels in ED patients is crucial, along with supplementation as needed. The researchers also notate that Vitamin D supplementation may be a low-cost, low-risk method of helping to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction.

One national survey analysis of U.S. men found that low Vitamin D levels were associated with a higher prevalence of ED, independent of cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Another study looked specifically at Vitamin D levels in men with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes itself is already a strong risk factor for erectile dysfunction, but it appears that having low Vitamin D levels on top of diabetes can make ED even more likely. This study showed a significant association between lower Vitamin D levels and ED in men with type 2 diabetes.

What are the potential mechanisms behind Vitamin D and healthy erectile function?

There may be a few different mechanisms behind why healthy Vitamin D levels are so important for proper erectile functionality.

According to one study, the mechanisms may involve a few of the following ideas: 

  •  Vitamin D is important for the development and maintenance of the cytoarchitecture of the penis.
  • Adequate Vitamin D levels may help support endothelial and vascular function.
  • Vitamin D may be involved in the nitric oxide (NO) production of vascular endothelial cells, which is part of the cascade to achieve and maintain an erection.
  • Vitamin D supplementation may help ameliorate cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  • Vitamin D levels may be significantly and positively associated with testosterone levels.
  • Vitamin D may itself bind to some extent to testosterone receptors.
  • Vitamin D may help regulate inflammation, which can play a role in cardiovascular disease as well as erectile dysfunction.

What Vitamin D levels should you be aiming for?

In adult men, normal blood serum levels of Vitamin D (25-hydroxyvitamin D) are considered to be between 30-80 ng/ml. 

Insufficient blood serum levels of Vitamin D are 21-29 ng/ml.

Deficient blood serum levels of Vitamin D are less than 20 ng/ml.

Severe deficiency blood serum levels of Vitamin D are considered to be less than 10 ng/ml.

Studies have shown that the incidence of ED declines when Vitamin D levels are kept above 35 ng/ml. But, listen to your doctor when it comes to deciding on which levels you should aim for.

How can you check your Vitamin D levels?

The best way to figure out your Vitamin D levels is to have a blood test done through your doctor. They will be able to interpret the results, and let you know if you are deficient. They will also likely recommend a preferred supplementation route in the case of deficiency.

Vitamin D levels are commonly done along with the usual blood tests conducted through a general practitioner, although they may not have mentioned them in the case of adequate levels. During your next doctor’s visit, simply ask if your Vitamin D levels are normal or what they are.

Ways to boost your Vitamin D levels

Most people can safely and easily boost their Vitamin D levels with over-the-counter Vitamin D supplements. 

Be sure to only use Vitamin D3 (the active form), and get guidance from your doctor as to which strengths are the most appropriate for you.

In the case of a severe deficiency, your doctor may prescribe a prescription Vitamin D supplement which comes in much higher strengths than what you can find over the counter.

Always follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to supplementing Vitamin D, as this is a fat-soluble vitamin that can be overdone if you are not careful.

Vitamin D can also be obtained through exposure to sunlight, and by consuming certain foods. Vitamin D can be found in fatty fish, fish oils, egg yolks, cheese, beef liver, certain mushrooms, as well as fortified dairy, plant milks, and cereals.

Bottom line: Vitamin D and ED

There is some evidence that low Vitamin D levels may be correlated with a higher incidence of erectile dysfunction.

If your Vitamin D levels are not in a normal range, it may be a good idea to boost them with supplementation, eating more Vitamin D-rich foods, getting more sun exposure, or a combination of the three.

As with any new supplement, always run it by your doctor first to make sure you are choosing the right dosages and products for you.

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