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6 Tips to Enhance Female Sensitivity with Mindful Self Pleasuring | The Best Female Arousal Product

We've got 6 tips to help you begin a mindful masturbation ritual that increases female sensitivity and pleasure.

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Many women find leaning into sexual pleasure difficult. Some may have low vaginal sensitivity during partnered sex which can put a real damper on date night. If that sounds like you, you should know this difficulty is more common than you may think. 

Many women are worried about low vaginal sensitivity. But there really is no "normal" level of sensitivity. We're all different and respond to sexual stimulation in our own unique ways. Emotional roadblocks could be keeping you from feeling pleasure, or you may simply need more time to become fully aroused. 

Remember, the inner vaginal canal has the least amount of nerve endings when compared to the clitoris or the vulva. If vaginal penetration is falling short for you, maybe it's time to spend (much) more time focusing on the vulva. The more aroused you are, the more vaginal penetration massages the inner clitoris structure.  

If low female sensitivity levels are effecting your sex life, this article is full of big sis advice on how to increase female sensitivity and boost your pleasure. 

Why masturbation?

You might be concerned about your female sensitivities when it comes to your partnered sexual encounters - so why masturbation as a fix?

Self-pleasuring gives you the time and the space to explore without the pressure of pleasuring someone else and trying to force your enjoyment. Flying solo can give you the space you need to explore pleasure roadblocks and what feels good to YOU.  

Masturbation can help you discover what you need to enhance your personal arousal levels and sensitivities. You might find you need more foreplay, more direct (or maybe indirect) stimulation, more play, more set dressing, more noise making, etc.

But you'll never really find out until you start exploring.

Here are 6 solo play tips for enhancing female sensitivity

These tips can be applied to partnered sex as well but it’s a good idea to begin exploring these solo.

#1 Get very aroused before any stimulation

Arousal is incredibly important when it comes to female sensitivity. If you aren’t aroused, you aren’t likely to feel much pleasure when stimulated. Simple as that. When solo pleasuring, take your time to get very aroused before you begin any stimulation. The same goes for any partnered sex.

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When a woman is aroused, her vulva and vagina swell with blood and the clitoris becomes erect. (Yes, erect!) Beginning stimulation or penetration before sufficient arousal can just fall flat. Get aroused, then play. You are likely to find your sensitivity has tripled once sufficiently aroused and naturally lubricated (another perk of arousal).Try to focus on your arousal, not your orgasm.

#2 Embrace the best female arousal products

Female enhancement products harness the power of blood flow (helping your arousal and lubrication along). If you aren’t experiencing much sexual pleasure, perhaps stimulating topical creams can help bridge the gap. Scream creams and o creams can increase female sensitivity and increase natural lubrication. These products help by increasing the amount of blood flow to the vulva and vagina. This helps enhance arousal.

These are great to use with a partner or when solo pleasuring. Use these 30 minutes before stimulation to feel the best effects.

#3 Find your erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are sensitive parts of the body that respond to stimulation. Erogenous is a Greek word meaning “love producing”. These mega-sensitive love producing areas can help you unlock your sensitivities and arousal potential. Erogenous zones on a woman might be:

  • Scalp
  • Nape of the neck
  • Ears
  • Lower back
  • Stomach
  • Nipples and breasts
  • Fingertips
  • Butt

Try to find what feels good, or sensitive to you (outside of the genital area). Then the next time you are with a partner, show them what you’d like them to do to enhance your experience. It’s all personal preference but it’s certainly a powerful tool to unlock your pleasure.

#4 Slowwwwww everything down

This is not a race. Sometimes we put pressure on ourselves in the bedroom. You might subconsciously think you should feeling amazing during a sexual experience, start to finish, but things take time to build. Take your time to build up your sexual tension and desire. Take time to get aroused. Just take your time, there is no rush. Sometimes women feel guilty that they require more time and effort to achieve an orgasm, but, there is no reason to feel guilty. Take the time with yourself and notice how much more enjoyable it is.

#5 Practice deep conscious breathing

There is a deep connection between our pleasure and our breathing. When we connect to our breath we connect more deeply to our bodies (and thus our pleasure). Breathing deeply can also promote blood flow, enhancing arousal, and sensitivity. Deep breathing is especially powerful as your pleasure builds. Try sending the breath all the way to your toes and bringing it back up again. The rhythm that is established can enhance your blood flow, pleasure, and sensitivity. Holding your breath during sex might actually feel instinctual. But training yourself to allow deep conscious breathing can boost your orgasms.

Holistic sex coach Kim Anami says “While it [breathing] might seem almost too simple, most people don’t consciously use their breath during sex and even go as far as to restrict it.” However, when deep breathing during pleasure, “you’re promoting blood flow [to the genitals]” and increasing arousal. Try taking four-count breaths during sex (partnered or solo):

  • Inhale for four seconds
  • Exhale four-seconds
  • Sustain this rhythm

Promote blood flow, bodily connection, and mindfulness all by choosing to consciously breathe during sexual pleasure.

#6 Remove the end goal of an orgasm

Yes, orgasms are great, but if they are eluding you for the time being, just remove the goal of an orgasm entirely (while partnered or solo). There is a level of addiction that comes with the expected release of sex. When we don’t consistently reach that mind blowing peak we think something is wrong. But really, sex doesn’t always have to involve an orgasm. Relieve the pressure, and give yourself permission to simply explore rather than force. This relaxed approach might enhance your sensitivity and arousal levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Solo pleasuring is a great way to explore and ignite your fire if you aren’t feeling sexually stimulated.  
  • To enhance female sensitivity you might consider female enhancement topical products. These products can increase genital blood flow and encourage natural vaginal lubrication.

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