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How to Close Pores: 5 Ways to Minimize Your Pores

Wondering how to close pores on your face? Well, the truth is, there is no reason or way to “close” them. Here are 5 ways to minimize your pores.

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Wondering how to close pores on your face? Well, the truth is, there is no reason or way to “close” them. If you’re worried about your pores, you might be referring to having enlarged pores, which can make your pores more visible.

If you are worried about having large pores, we’ve compiled a list of ways to shrink the appearance of pores. (Step one: throw away your magnifying mirror!)

What are pores?

Pores are small openings on the skin that are actually the tippy-top of hair follicles. Each follicle has its own sebaceous gland and the follicle goes deep into the skin.

The opening we see on our faces is what is called a pore.

These tiny follicular openings have the important job of releasing oil and sweat.

Pores should be open, sometimes they are just enlarged

While pores can get clogged or inflamed, pores do not “close”.

What many people refer to as “open pores” are just enlarged, more visible pores. Our pores are always, and should always be open.

Many skincare products claim to “close pores” but what is really happening, is the product is minimizing the large pore.

Why do I have enlarged pores?

There are a few factors that go into pore size. Here are a few things that can cause enlarged pores.

  • Excess sebum
  • Sun damage
  • Loss of skin elasticity
  • Acne or clogged pores

How to minimize the appearance of pores

Even though you can’t close those pesky pores altogether, you still may be able to minimize the appearance of your pores.

We’re going to cover a few ways to reduce the appearance of pores by reducing facial sebum, avoiding skin build-up, and stimulating collagen.

#1 Use topical retinoids for collagen stimulation, exfoliation, and skin rejuvenation

A dermatologist’s first line of defense for enlarged pores is the use of topical retinoids.

These vitamin A derived products can be helpful for many reasons. The skin can lose elasticity or firmness because of aging, dehydration, lack of sleep, smoking, and UV exposure.

This can cause lackluster skin and the appearance of enlarged pores. Retinoids are great skin exfoliants, increase skin cell turnover, and increase skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production. The retinoids such as tretinoin, isotretinoin, and tazarotene have all shown efficacy in pore minimization.

Retinoids, such as tretinoin, are an all-around great choice for reducing the appearance of enlarged pores.

#2 Exfoliate your pretty face regularly

Avoiding any type of skin build-up is really important for general skincare, but especially in the pursuit of minimizing pores. Having excess sebum, dirt and dead skin on your face can cause enlarged pores and can eventually lead to clogged pores.

Try exfoliating with chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or lactic acid. These acids work to gently unglue stubborn dead skin cells and excess sebum.  

#3 Try clay masks to reduce sebum

If you have a naturally oily complexion, it might increase your susceptibility to enlarged pores. Studies have shown that using a once-weekly clay mask may significantly help minimize pores (and acne lesions) by absorbing excess sebum from your pores.

If you have acne as well as enlarged pores, a clay mask is a double whammy! Your acne might also benefit from a once-weekly clay mask.

#4 Use sun protection

One common cause of enlarged pores is UV damage. You’ve probably heard every skincare blog in the world harp on about sunscreen -- but there is a good reason. Sun exposure can lead to thickening of the skin (which makes pores appear larger), as well as loss of collagen, elastin, and water.  

The last thing you want for your skin is a degradation of collagen. Protect your skin from UV damage (and use a collagen-stimulating retinoid).If you think your enlarged pores are due to sun damage read this article about how you can rebuild your skin’s collagen. Use a daily, broad-spectrum SPF 30 to combat UV damage.

#5 Make sure your products are non-comedogenic

A big mistake many of us (unknowingly) make is clogging our pores with comedogenic lotions and potions. To avoid enlarged pores, acne, and closed comedones, use non-comedogenic products. Using pore-clogging products can really backfire on your skincare goals.

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