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How Long Does Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Last?

Temporary ED can happen periodically for some men. Learn more about this situation including how long it might last.

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Dealing with erectile dysfunction can be a challenging and sometimes embarrassing situation for many men. And, while many cases of erectile dysfunction are considered long-term, there are situations where erectile dysfunction is short-lived.

Erectile dysfunction that only happens sporadically, or for a short amount of time, and that can go away when removing or fixing the issue is considered temporary, or sometimes situational erectile dysfunction.

Below, we will review just what temporary erectile dysfunction is, how you can help overcome temporary erectile dysfunction, how long you might expect temporary ED to last, and why it is important to talk with our doctor about any erection problems that are bothering you (even if they don’t occur all of the time).

What is temporary or situational erectile dysfunction?

Situational erectile dysfunction:

Situational erectile dysfunction is just that, ED that occurs in some situations but not others. This may seem like a sporadic occurrence, but it may follow some patterns to help you pinpoint the cause of the issue.

For instance, you may have trouble with ED when you are with a partner because you are anxious about your performance. But, if you can maintain an erection no problem when you are by yourself, or upon waking up, this signals that all the physical aspects are working just fine -- it’s the situation that is not allowing the brain and body to align.

Some examples of why situational erectile dysfunction can occur include:

  • General nervousness
  • Performance anxiety
  • Having too much alcohol to drink beforehand
  • Illicit drug use beforehand
  • Problems within the relationship
  • Previous sexual trauma
  • Unfamiliarity with condoms

Temporary erectile dysfunction:

Temporary erectile dysfunction may be erectile dysfunction that occurs more regularly and predictably across all situations. But, it may be due to a cause that is changeable like lifestyle choices, not a more permanent situation where ED is more long-term. In the case of temporary ED, functionality may return to normal if the cause of the temporary ED is removed or fixed.

Some examples of why temporary erectile dysfunction can occur include:

  • Depression
  • Long-term stress
  • Constant fatigue
  • Smoking
  • Eating an unhealthy diet regularly
  • Physical inactivity
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Chronic alcohol abuse

How can you help overcome temporary erectile dysfunction?

The best way to help overcome temporary or situational erectile dysfunction is to try and fix or work through the root issue.

Situational ED treatments:

For situational ED it may help to talk with your partner or a therapist about your performance anxiety, nervousness, or deep problems within the relationship themselves that may be holding you back. Getting treatment to work through past sexual trauma may also be able to help you obtain a more satisfying sex life.

If the issue tends to lie with condom use, practice putting on a condom a few times to help learn how to use one without stopping the mood, and get used to the feeling.

If it may be substances beforehand that are throwing a wrench into your plans, try to limit your drinks before heading to the bedroom, and stop illicit substance use that might be causing the issue.

Temporary ED treatments:

For temporary ED, the issue is likely leaning more toward physical concerns. Although, if they are modified, it is more likely that your body will bounce back to regular sexual functionality.

Taking good care of yourself by maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, and getting regular exercise can do a lot to put the mojo back in your date nights.

Stopping smoking, and getting control of too much alcohol use can also lead to improvements in your love life.

If you suspect it is chronic stress, fatigue, or depression that is influencing your ED, get professional help for your depression, and address sources of stress or overwork to try and strike a better work/life balance.

Temporary and Situational ED treatments:

Aside from addressing the ultimate cause of the issue (which is the best way to get a hold of short-term ED issues), you may also want to consider help in the form of ED medications while you work through the root cause.

These medications include drugs called PDE-5 inhibitors like Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis). Sildenafil or Tadalafil may be able to help control the symptoms of Temporary or Situational ED -- even if you only need to use them sometimes or on a short-term basis.

How long does temporary erectile dysfunction last?

How long temporary ED lasts depends on how long it takes to help fix or control the root problem. 

Once you have worked through any issues like increased weight, inactivity, or poor dietary choices, you may find your ED improving incrementally. Unfortunately, there are no set timelines for temporary ED. Just keep working through the potential root issues, and notice tiny steps toward improvement.

If you feel like you have addressed any potential causes of temporary or situational ED, but you are not seeing improvements many months down the line, it is possible that you are dealing with more long-term ED. Your doctor will help you identify if that is the case.

Talk to a doctor about what kind of ED you might be dealing with

A doctor can review your information, issues, and history and help you determine if you are dealing with a short-term or long-term form of ED.

Doctors can also help identify if there may be some underlying health issues leading to your erection issues and help guide you through those.

Even if ED doesn’t occur all of the time, if it is bothersome to you, or it is affecting your relationships, it is still important to get the opinion of a doctor and get some help for it.

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