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How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect?

Learn more about how long the average man can stay erect, as well as ways to improve your erection duration.

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On any given day, a man could find themselves experiencing an average of 10-20 erections, 3-5 of which happen during sleep. However, not all erections are created equal.

There are variations in erection duration and erection quality. There are even three different types of erections (who knew?).

Yet, nearly all erections are perfectly healthy and normal. If you’ve ever wondered if your erections are on par with the average man, read on.

What is an erection, really?

In the simplest terms, an erection is the male’s physiological response to being sexually aroused. It is the most obvious of male arousal signs.

After a few chemical messages from the brain, male sexual arousal physiologically results in the dilation of arteries around the penis, which encourages oxygenated blood flow into the penis.

Simultaneously, the veins constrict, preventing the oxygenated blood from leaving the penis. Resulting in a hard erection.

After ejaculation, the veins relax and the blood that was contained in the penis flows back to normal, and the penis reverts to its flaccid state.

Surprisingly, during an erection, the penile blood flow can multiply by 8 times the normal flaccid state.

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How long does an average erection last?

Just like anything else, human beings vary greatly. There really is no right or wrong erection.

However, there are a few things we must consider when talking about erections. Let’s discuss erection duration and quality.  

Average erection duration:

Although it’s tough to calculate, the average Joe can remain erect between a few minutes to 45 minutes.

Interestingly, on average penetrative sex only lasts three to seven minutes, according to a 2005 Society for Sex Therapy and Research member survey.

Erection quality scale:

Did you know, men can experience up to five erections while they sleep? These are called nocturnal penile erections and can last about 30 minutes.

However, even nocturnal erections or morning wood might vary in erection quality.

To better understand the quality of your erection, consult the Erection Hardness Scale.

This will provide a self-assessment that can shed some light on erection quality.

0 – Penis does not enlarge.

1 – Penis is larger, but not hard.

2 – Penis is hard, but not hard enough for penetration.

3 – Penis is hard enough for penetration, but not completely hard.

4 – Penis is completely hard and fully rigid.

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When an erection lasts too long

Too much of a good thing is real.

If you have a boner that has no end in sight and you exceed 4+ hours in duration, this is what is called priapism.

This condition occurs when blood gets trapped in the erection chamber of the penis, if not treated immediately, this can cause major and permanent damage to the penis and penile tissue.

Make no mistake, this is an emergency situation. Medical care is a must here. If your erection has lingered for 4+ hours,  get to an emergency room for medical care immediately.

How can I improve my erections?

Not totally satisfied with your erections? Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are many variables to examine when working to improve the quality of erections.

Physical health, mental health, tobacco or alcohol use, age, and level of arousal can all affect a man’s erections.

There might be a few things stacked up against you. If you’re unsatisfied with the duration or quality of your erections you can consider a few things:

Erectile enhancement medications

Two active ingredients are referred to as long time powerhouses for those who wish to improve their erection quality: tadalafil and sildenafil. These two medications could help the 30 million American men that experience ED problems in the bedroom.

Increase physical activity

Exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles may help those with erectile troubles. Strong pelvic floor muscles are key in sustaining blood flow to the penis and maintaining erections.

Limit tobacco and alcohol

To add to the reasons why you might not want to light up a cigarette, for men under 40, smoking is the #1 cause of erectile dysfunction — and studies show that men who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day are at an increased risk for erectile dysfunction.

Weekend boozing can also affect erectile performance. Studies have shown drinking alcohol can affect the brain-to-penis connection. Consider limiting both substances while working on improving your erections.

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How long can the average man stay erect: Bottom line

If you feel unsatisfied with your erections, remember that you’re not the only one. Many men experience these challenges at some point in their lives.

There are many things that can help improve your sexual experiences. These methods range from very simple lifestyle changes to the very commonly prescribed ED medications.

Whatever route you take, remember that these challenges can be frustrating, so don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

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