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How Does DMSO Help With Toenail Fungus?

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If you are struggling with a persistent toenail fungus, choosing the right treatment can be tricky.

Would something over the counter for ringworm (another fungus) work? What ingredients should I look for in a product for toenail fungus? Is this something that you need to see a doctor about?

Read on to get some treatment options for toenail fungus, and learn why products with DMSO may be a good choice.

Toenail fungus is tricky

If you have a toenail fungus, it tends to take much longer to treat than, say, a skin fungus like ringworm. The difficulty with toenail fungus is that the fungus is living inside and underneath the nail itself, so just slathering on an OTC antifungal cream is unlikely to penetrate all the way through.

Due to the tricky nature of toenail fungal infections, it is recommended to speak with a doctor to get a pharmaceutical-grade treatment for toenail fungus issues.

DMSO is a driving agent

DMSO is a pharmaceutical-grade ingredient that has long been used in compounding pharmacies when they are mixing up a formulation for toenail fungus.

The DMSO itself doesn’t kill the fungus, but since it is a driving agent that helps other ingredients permeate through tough substances like nails, it can help be the special ingredient that finally takes care of a stubborn toenail fungus.

DMSO is normally paired with an antifungal agent like fluconazole, and while fluconazole can often be found over the counter in creams, without the addition of DMSO it is unlikely to get to where it needs to go to clear a fungus.

Think of DMSO like the key that opens the door to the fungus to allow the medications in.

Persistence is key

No matter what you are using to treat your toenail fungus, having lots of patience is key.

Toenails grow very slowly, sometimes taking a year or more to fully grow out a portion of the affected nail from the bottom near the nail bed.

If your toenail fungus changed the color or texture of your nail, it may stay that way the entire time the nail is growing out, even if the fungus is now under control and being treated. You will know you are on the right track, however, if the new nail which is growing in looks normal and healthy. Be persistent with treatment and apply your medication as directed to the nails, sometimes as often as twice daily.

Even if the nail is looking better, you should continue treatment for as long as the doctor advises to make sure the fungus does not return because it was not fully eradicated.

Sometimes, a difficult toenail fungus may need to be treated for a year or more to fully clear it.

Strut Nail Formula with DMSO

Here at Strut Health, we specialize in prescription compounded solutions that you can get online.

For toenail fungus, our doctors and pharmacists developed a prescription nail formula with 2 antifungal agents and DMSO to ensure that it penetrates to the root of the fungus.

Our doctors will be able to review your nail fungus issue during a quick 10-15 minute free online visit, and if you are a good candidate for treatment with our DMSO-containing antifungal formula, your medication can be shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

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