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What Is DMSO?

DMSO is used as an agent for medications to help deliver compounds to infections, as with nail fungus. Learn how DMSO toenail fungus cream can help.

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DMSO is a clear odorless liquid chemical that is sometimes used in medical applications.

The full name for DMSO is Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

This chemical is a by-product from the paper-making process, and it originates from wood.

DMSO is a strong solvent and has the ability to dissolve many compounds and easily pass through membranes to penetrate tissues, making it an attractive option for the delivery of certain drugs.

What is DMSO used for?

The only current FDA approved indication for DMSO is for use as an irrigation in the bladder for a condition called interstitial cystitis (IC) to help reduce bladder pain.

The brand name medication of DMSO for bladder irrigations is Rimso-50.

DMSO is also occasionally used as a driving agent for certain compounded medications to help deliver other compounds to the treatment site, as with compounded nail fungus formulations like our Strut Nail Formula.

Some physicians may recommend the use of DMSO for shingles, scleroderma, arthritis, headache, eye problems, and scars.

However, these applications are not FDA approved and would be off-label prescriptions.

For most of these applications, there is not yet enough research backing up the effectiveness of DMSO.

DMSO should always be used under the care of an overseeing physician and obtained through a prescription.

How to use DMSO

DMSO should only be used if under the care of a physician and should be used only as prescribed.

Patients should not attempt to obtain DMSO without a prescription, or deviate from the dosing that was recommended to your by your doctor.

For irrigating the bladder, a 50% DMSO solution is instilled into the bladder with a catheter and then held for 15 minutes.

This bladder irrigation is usually repeated every 2 weeks until symptoms of pain and inflammation resolve and then treatments may be spaced out further.

If using a compounded DMSO toenail fungus medication, these are normally applied to the affected nail areas 1-2 times daily avoiding surrounding skin areas, or use as directed on your prescription label.

Where to buy DMSO

DMSO in irrigation form can be found in the brand name prescription product Rimso-50.

Or,  your doctor may order a prescription bladder irrigation containing DMSO from a compounding pharmacy.

Nail fungus formulations containing DMSO may also be obtained from a compounding pharmacy with a prescription from your doctor.

For your safety, DMSO should never be obtained from a source other than from a pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor.

Strut Nail Formula with DMSO

Our prescription Strut Nail Formula utilizes DMSO as a potent driving agent to help the antifungal agents penetrate through those tough nails and to the site of the infection.

DMSO toenail fungus can be a source of relief for those affected by the pain caused by hard to eliminate toenail fungus.

If you are interested in seeing if Strut Nail Formula is a good option for your nail issues, you can schedule an Online Visit with our U.S. licensed doctors today.

If you are a good candidate for Strut Nail Formula, your prescription compounded nail fungus medication can be shipped quickly and discreetly to your front door.

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