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Erectile Dysfunction Age: Are Age and ED Connected?

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Younger men are associated with being more virile and having less erectile dysfunction than older men, but is this assumption true?

As it turns out, there may be other factors at play more than just age when it comes to ED prevalence, and luckily, some of them may be able to improve with appropriate lifestyle adjustments.

In this article, we will see what studies have to say about age and ED, as well as looking into other contributing factors, and what men can do to make sure they are at their best in the bedroom.

Prevalence of ED with increasing age:

It is a common public opinion that increasing age is correlated with more difficulty maintaining an erection adequate for sexual activities, also known as erectile dysfunction, but do the scientific studies back up that conception?

One study from 2003 provided sexual questionnaires to 2412 men from various countries to identify the percentages of men experiencing some form of ED.
The men in the study were aged between 40-70 years old, and the results did identify a significant increase in the percentage of men with ED with increasing age.

In men aged 40-49: 10.5% of men reported some level of ED

In men aged 50-59: 23.4% of men reported some level of ED

In men aged 60-70: 46.1% of men reported some level of ED

Disease states contributing to ED

While age itself may be the single strongest factor in predicting if a man is experiencing erectile dysfunction, there are also disease states that can put you at a higher risk of experiencing ED.

In the same study from 2003 mentioned above, they classified the men by age as well as if they had other disease states which can affect your overall sexual health and performance. The disease states used to classify the men into the two groups, “healthy” vs “diseased”, were: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate disease or surgery, depression, GI ulcers, or hormonal treatment.

When these groups were compared to men of the same ages, the men that did not report having any of these disease states reported significantly less erectile dysfunction.

This suggests that men with fewer ED-related disease states should have better sexual functioning, even when compared with men of the exact same age.

Men with diseases aged 40-49: 14% of men reported some level of ED

Men considered healthy aged 40-49: 8.9% of men reported some level of ED

Men with diseases aged 50-59: 27.6% of men reported some level of ED

Men considered healthy aged 50-59: 19.4% of men reported some level of ED

Men with diseases aged 60-70: 51.2% of men reported some level of ED

Men considered healthy aged 60-70: 36.7% of men reported some level of ED

Other factors contributing to ED

While your current age and how physically healthy you are may be some of the strongest factors in predicting your risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction, there may still be other factors.

Even very young men, or men who are physically functioning at their peak may experience ED if they have psychological or mental barriers to performance.

Other factors that may contribute to ED include: Depression, Anxiety, Substance abuse, Sedentary lifestyle, Schizophrenia, Relationship issues


Physical age seems to contribute greatly to if or when a man may start experience ED issues, but staying in excellent physical health no matter your age may help keep your risk lower.

If you are a younger man, or your symptoms seemed to come on abruptly, it is possible that psychological issues such as performance anxiety, depression, or problems in your relationship with your partner could be also playing a role in your change in performance.

Always speak with a doctor before seeking treatment for ED, and if your issues are stemming from problems with your partner, couples therapy may help you return to your regular functioning.

In conclusion, although it is normal to see a general sexual function decline in older age, making sure that you are the healthiest both mentally and physically that you can be for your age may help you maintain sexual prowess even into your golden years. Online Doctor Visits for ED

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