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Dr. Tara Scott: Let’s Talk About Female Libido (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: Let’s Talk About Female Libido (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Let’s talk about female libido. 

I’m Dr. Tara Scott with Strut Health, I’m a traditionally trained OB-GYN.

I wish that I had a magic pill for libido. But, I’m going to break it down for you in the next couple of videos.

For female libido, it’s a very complicated thing. For men, let’s just compare, you need two things -- testosterone and blood flow. 

A guy could have like a bad day, get fired, his dog could die, his mom could die…all he needs is a little blood flow, some schwing, and he is ready to go. 

But, for women, it is so much more complicated. All of the hormones are involved, it has to do with your estrogen and your progesterone, and your ratio, your testosterone, your DHEA, and cortisol. And then it also has to do with: Did you eat too much? Are you full? Are you feeling connected?

So, I wish there was a simple fix. But, I’m going to talk about, in the next couple videos, female libido.

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