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Dr. Tara Scott: Female Libido and DHEA (Video)

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Dr. Tara Scott: Female Libido and DHEA (Video)

(Video Transcript)

Good morning, Dr. Scott with Strut Health. 

And so we are talking about libido and female libido and different hormones. 

So, we talked about estrogen and progesterone. We talked about testosterone and we gotta talk about DHEA.

So, DHEA is a hormone that is primarily made in the adrenal gland.

And, think of it this way, if your ovaries are your monthly paycheck, and you're getting a little dose of estrogen and progesterone each month, your DHEA is your 401k. You’re not putting money in your 401k, you just have this trust fund, what have you, is that that is what you are given.

So, your DHEA is made from your adrenal gland, regardless of whether you have ovaries or not, you still have DHEA.

And, when you go through menopause, this serves as the sole source of hormones. This also can be depleted with stress, as testosterone is. But, what we have seen in some studies with DHEA that it is because it is a precursor of testosterone it can be affected with libido, specifically in vaginal symptoms.

The lower third of the vagina, or where you would feel discomfort on entrance, is rich with androgen receptors. And, there is a vaginal DHEA that is FDA-approved that has been shown to help all four phases of the sexual response cycle.

So, for somebody with postmenopausal vaginal atrophy, that is an option. And the studies have shown that that actually helps not only libido, but sensation and comfort. 

So, if you have low libido, it could be because you are experiencing pain. It could be also because, you know, the old stimulation is not yielding the same results, because your sensation is less.

In that instance, something like DHEA would be helpful to you.

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