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Caffeine Intake and ED: Is More Caffeine Associated With Less Erectile Dysfunction?

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Most adults in the U.S. consume caffeinated beverages on a daily basis as a way to help wake up or have a pick-me-up during the day. The perks of caffeine can be felt almost immediately in the form of an increase in energy, but there may be some other perks associated with caffeine as well.

Some research suggests that a higher caffeine intake (2-3 cups of coffee per day) may decrease the odds of men reporting ED symptoms. Since ED is a widespread issue that tends to worsen with age, this is a very intriguing study for many men.

Below, we will outline the details of this study including the associations the researchers found and the potential direction for future research.

The interesting results from one caffeine and ED study

In one study from 2015, they looked at the data from 3724 men over 20 years old that had previously participated in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). In the survey, the men were asked about their current ED symptoms as well as a 24-hour dietary recall, which was used to approximate their daily caffeine consumption. Then, these two data points were looked into to see if there were any patterns that emerged.

Interestingly, the researchers found that for this group, there was an inverse association between caffeine intake and reporting ED symptoms. Meaning that the men who reported the highest caffeine intake (the equivalent of about 2-3 cups of coffee daily) were less likely to also report having current ED symptoms as compared to the lowest caffeine intake group.

This inverse association between more daily caffeine intake and less reported ED remained the same for the men who were in a normal weight range, as well as the men who were overweight/obese, and men who had high blood pressure. But, the association was not seen in diabetic men.

In the discussion portion of the study, the researchers suggest that the potential biological mechanism at play here may be that caffeine helps to relax the penile arteries as well as the smooth muscles in the corpus cavernosum which increases penile blood flow. They go on to analyze why they may not be seeing the same results for men with diabetes, and suggest that it may stem from the fact that diabetes is one of the strongest risk factors for ED, and extremely difficult to treat, perhaps making it more difficult to overcome. 

Some of the study strengths include the large sample size with a representative population of U.S. men. But, some of the weaknesses of the study include not taking into account big ED risk factors like cardiovascular disease, the use of data from a cross-sectional study, and the bias that can be found in surveys as a means of data collection. To help build on this research, they suggest future prospective studies to confirm the results.

Caffeine and ED: Bottom Line

We do not yet have the data to suggest that caffeine be part of the treatment plan for men with ED. But, studies like this potentially show that there is some association between including caffeine in your day and maybe having a lower risk of ED symptoms.

If you dislike the way caffeine feels, or have been advised against using it for medical reasons, you should not consume it. But, if you are a caffeine fan, you may appreciate knowing that it may be giving you potential benefits in the bedroom. 

Of course, there are healthier options as far as caffeinated beverages go. So, if you do want to try increasing your daily caffeine intake, it may be wise to go with coffee or tea with little to no added sugar over a sugary soda or energy drink.

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Including your regular cup of coffee or two in the morning may turn out to offer some level of benefits when it comes to ED. But, it is unlikely that you would be able to rid yourself of your ED issues by ramping up your caffeine intake.

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