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Can You Get a Scream Cream Prescription Online?

Yes you can, but, maybe you aren’t sure exactly what scream cream is, or that you need a prescription. Read on for steps to buying scream cream online.

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Short answer - yes. But, maybe you aren’t sure exactly what scream cream is, or why you need a prescription through a doctor to get some. Read on for the exact steps to getting a scream cream prescription online and for more info on this medication.

What is scream cream?

A scream cream is the compounding pharmacy term for a cream that is made up at a compounding pharmacy that has ingredients in it to help with a woman’s sensitivity and satisfaction in the bedroom. Often, these creams contain a mixture of vasodilators, blood flow enhancers, and sometimes hormones to help women work through sexual health issues.

Scream creams will be dispensed with usage instructions, but they are normally meant to be applied to the clitoral and vaginal areas about 30 minutes - 1 hour before sexual activity. For most women, there will be little to no side effects since the medication will stay almost entirely local to the application site. This is an important prescription for women’s sexual health, as men have many sexual health prescriptions available (viagra, cialis) when they are having bedroom issues, but there are very few resources for women who are not satisfied with their sex lives.

Since maintaining strong and satisfying intimate relationships can be very rewarding and important for your mental and physical health, women should not be embarrassed or ashamed of speaking with a doctor about what treatments are available to help them with their sexual health.

Why do you need a prescription for scream cream?

Any medication that is put together at a compounding pharmacy needs a prescription order from a doctor to be made up. And, since there is not a commercially manufactured scream cream product available from pharmaceutical companies, all medicated scream creams will need a valid prescription from a doctor.

This is also important to the health and safety of the user, since even though these creams tend to be well tolerated for most women, there may be situations where using a medicated scream cream is not a good fit for you. A doctor will evaluate your current health conditions, medications, and sexual issues and goals to make sure you are a good candidate for scream cream treatment.

What are the steps to get a scream cream prescription online?

If you are interested in getting a scream cream prescription online, there are a few easy steps you can take:

Step 1: Go to and fill out a quick 10-15 minute questionnaire to let us know more about your current health and the issues you are experiencing. Then your $49 scream cream order will be placed (if you end up not being a good fit for treatment, this order will be immediately refunded.)

Step 2: Our U.S. licensed doctors will review your information for free online to see if you are a good fit for scream cream treatment. If they need more information at this time they will get in touch with you.

Step 3: If the doctor considers this to be a good treatment for you, they will put together a treatment plan, and send your prescription order to a U.S. licensed compounding pharmacy.

Step 4: The compounding pharmacy will put together your prescription order and ship it to you with our free 2-day shipping.

Step 5: Follow up with us if you have any questions or want to place a refill order.

Why you should buy scream cream online

While you can get a scream cream prescription from some doctors by going to an in-person visit, there may be a few reasons why having your visit for scream cream online may be a better fit for you.

Not all doctors are well versed in compounded medications, or even know that “scream creams” are available for women, by having your visit online with Strut Health, you know that all of the doctors here are very familiar with prescribing and putting together treatment plans for scream cream. Also, this may be a delicate and personal conversation that may make some women feel uncomfortable. And, while there is no reason to feel uncomfortable speaking with a doctor about a health issue, some women may feel better having this consultation online rather than face-to-face.

Another benefit of utilizing telemedicine for scream cream is that there is no need for a trip out to a compounding pharmacy, as the medication can be shipped to your front door, discreetly packaged, with our free shipping.

Strut O Cream

Now that you know more about scream creams, why you need a prescription for these medications, and how to have an online visit, you may be ready for your free online consultation.

Head over to the Strut O Cream medication page to learn more or start your free visit today.

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