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5 Unexpected Things That May Signal ED

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Erectile dysfunction doesn’t just occur immediately one night. ED tends to be a slowly developing condition of slight changes and increasing difficulty to perform in the bedroom. Sometimes, you may be able to see some signals that ED may be on the horizon, or that it is already slowly developing.

Below, we will cover 5 things that may start happening in the body as erectile dysfunction develops, as well as ways that you can help the situation.

1. It takes longer to get going in the bedroom

Changes in how quickly everything starts up may be small, and may only be things that you notice every now and then. But, the first signs of something going on may be that you need a little extra time ad effort to be ready to go in the bedroom.

2. Things seem to not last like they used to

In addition to taking longer to get going, you may also notice that your erections may not last as long as they used to. This may be a negligible difference at first that you don’t really mind, but once it starts affecting your romantic relationships, it may be time to look into helpful treatment options.

3. Your mornings are starting off differently

You may have thought of your morning erections as just an early nuisance back in your younger years. But, in actuality, they can be a great sign of healthy sexual function. In the mornings, your testosterone levels are high, and blood flow and vessel dilation cause things to happen. In reality, regular morning erections show that everything is working great physically.

So, if you are now thinking back and trying to remember the last time you started your morning “up” for anything, that could be a sign that your physical sexual health is not quite as strong as it was before. Keep a mental note of how often morning erections occur, or if they still occur at all. 

Your doctor may even ask about the regularity of your morning erections when they are trying to help you with any ED concerns as well.

4. You have developed a vascular disease

Your body is very connected. So, when there is a chronic disease at play, it is not uncommon for your erectile function to also suffer.

Diseases that negatively affect your vasculature are notorious for also potentially bringing about or worsening ED. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes are all conditions that can increase your risk of developing ED.

While larger vessels like the ones feeding your heart can take a long time to signal a problem, smaller vessels like those in your penis and eyes may get to a breaking point sooner, and lead to issues like eyesight changes or erectile dysfunction.

Protect your vessels by treating all chronic conditions to the best of your ability and following your doctor’s diet and exercise recommendations.

5. You don’t think about sex as often

Thinking about sex regularly is normal and can be a sign that testosterone levels are in the normal range. If you used be big into amorous thoughts, but have had a start falling off of thinking about sex at all, it could be a sign that your testosterone levels are not where they should be.

For some men, lower testosterone levels may end up causing erectile function changes as well.

While it is normal to have fewer racy thoughts as you get older, if the change has been sudden or dramatic, it couldn’t hurt to check in with your doctor to make sure all of your levels are where they need to be.

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