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147 Men Switched From Sildenafil to Tadalafil With Surprising Results

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Sildenafil (generic Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic Cialis) are two of the most popular erectile dysfunction treatments on the market. And, while both medications are similar in some ways, they have distinct differences which may lead to a doctor or patient preferring one over the other. The most relevant difference between these two medications, which are both in the PDE-5 inhibitor class of drugs, is the lengths of time that they last. For Sildenafil, its effects generally last between 2-3 hours, while for Tadalafil, it can stick around for a whopping 36 hours.

While, for some, this increased length of time for the drug to work may fit in perfectly to their sex lives and schedules, for others, they may want all effects to be metabolized away quickly after intimacy ends for the evening.

One European study from 2003 aimed to look at just what would happen if they took seasoned ED patients who were currently on Sildenafil (the ED medication which came to the market first) and switched them over to Tadalafil for a few weeks. Their goal was to see if the patients ended up liking Tadalafil more than their current treatment enough to switch therapies, or if they wanted to go back to their previous Sildenafil prescription.

147 men who had been on Sildenafil to treat their ED for at least 6-24 weeks prior to the study completed the assessment and were enrolled into the study. After a 1-week assessment period, the men were told to use their current Sildenafil dose as usual for 3-weeks, followed by a 1-week washout phase. Then, the men were started on a 6-week Tadalafil initiation phase, followed by a 3-week Tadalafil assessment phase. After this assessment period, the men were asked to choose if they would like to continue on their old Sildenafil treatment for 6 months, or if they preferred to switch over to the Tadalafil prescription for 6 months.

Surprisingly, 9 out of 10 men choose to continue with their new Tadalafil ED treatment over restarting Sildenafil again.90.5% of the 147 men decided to stick with the Tadalafil ED therapy, and this was regardless of the respective ages, ED severity, causes of their ED, or what Sildenafil dose they were taking before the start of the trial. Both medications were well tolerated during the assessment phases.


While more high-quality studies need to be done to identify just why the patients preferred one medication over the other, the high rate of sticking with the Tadalafil indicates that certain ED sufferers may prefer switching from the older Sildenafil medication to the Tadalafil medication.

Patients may feel a reluctance to change to a new medication if one is working for them, but should speak with their doctor to learn more about the differences between certain medications, and identify if a switch may be beneficial for their sex life goals.

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