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Where Can I Find Wegovy in Stock? Semaglutide Shortage Sources

Wegovy is in a drug shortage right now, so it might be hard to find. Learn about how to find Wegovy in stock.

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For most medications, once you get a prescription from your doctor, all you have to do is pop by any pharmacy to get your medication in no time.

But, when a medication is in a drug shortage, the usual accessibility is turned on its head. You might find yourself going to or calling multiple pharmacies with no luck. At the while, you are holding onto your prescription, and not able to start on your course of treatment.

This situation is currently happening with many people prescribed Wegovy, a popular weight loss medication to help people living with obesity.

Below, we will go over why it is hard to find Wegovy right now, give you some tips to potentially find it in stock, and let you know about some possible alternate sources for the active ingredient.

Why is Wegovy hard to find right now?

According to Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures Wegovy, they are simply having trouble keeping up with the demand for this medication. Basically, this medication became more popular than expected, and they say they are working around the clock to keep up with production, but just happen to be falling behind a bit at the moment.

This may mean that it is harder to locate at your local pharmacies, or you might only be able to find certain strengths. You might have better luck finding the higher strength maintenance dosages over the lower dosages generally reserved for people just getting started on this medication.

Probably, with time, it will eventually be easier to find this medication in stock.

Where can you find Wegovy in stock?

There is no definite place right now where you will 100% find Wegovy in stock. In this situation, you may need to expand your search a bit. This could mean calling many pharmacies until you find one that has some in stock. Some people may even look to online pharmacies or ones that are farther away and can ship their medications to you.

Alternate sources for Semaglutide medications

Since Wegovy is currently in a medication shortage, you may be able to use alternate sources like compounding pharmacies to get similar medications.

Compounding pharmacies are able to make up medications on-site. And, because Wegovy is in a drug shortage, they are allowed to make up compounded versions using the same active ingredient, Semaglutide.

However, keep in mind a few things when looking into compounding pharmacies for Semaglutide medications. The prescription will likely need to be written to specify a compound. Also, only sterile compounding pharmacies can make up injectable medications. Finally, verify with the staff that the active ingredient used is not a salt form of Semaglutide. The salt form of Semaglutide has not been verified to work the same in the body, and has not gone through the same rigorous testing as pure Semaglutide. Avoid using Semaglutide salt forms for this reason.

Strut Health compounded Semaglutide online

Here at Strut Health, we work with U.S.-licensed compounding pharmacies that only compound with pure Semaglutide – not salt forms. By utilizing our secure telehealth platform, you can be paired with U.S.-licensed doctors to see if you are a good fit for Semaglutide medications. If you are, a prescription will be issued, your medication will be put together, and it will be shipped to your front door with free shipping.

To get started today, take a look at our product page for our compounded Semaglutide medications.

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