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What Is the Semaglutide Dosing for Weight Loss?

What is the usual Semaglutide dosing for weight loss? Learn the week-by-week dosing here.

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Semaglutide is the active ingredient inside the brand-name medications Wegovy, Ozempic, and Rybelsus.

While all of these can be prescribed for weight loss, only Wegovy and Rybelsus are FDA-approved for use as a weight loss agent – Ozempic use for weight loss is an off-label usage.

So, for this article, we will focus mainly on the injectable semaglutide forms that are meant for weight loss – Wegovy. In this blog, we will review the Semaglutide dosing for weight loss, using the Wegovy dosages as a reference. However, if you are using Semaglutide for diabetes treatment, be aware that this guide may not be as applicable.

Whether you are using Wegovy in its brand name form, or semaglutide compounded from a compounding pharmacy, your dosage will likely be something along the lines of what we cover here.

Month 1 (Week 1 through Week 4) Semaglutide dosage

0.25mg once weekly

For the first four weeks of using Semaglutide for weight loss, the recommended dosage is 0.25mg injected once weekly. This is considered the starting dosage. By starting out at a lower strength, this is meant to help get your body used to the potential side effects of the medication before the strength increases. 

Month 2 (Week 5 through Week 8) Semaglutide dosage

0.5mg once weekly

During month 2 of using Semaglutide for weight loss, your dosage will likely double to 0.5mg injected once weekly. After any increase in your dosage, you might notice increased side effects. You might also start noticing the appetite-suppressant effects. Some people start noticing weight loss progress by this time. But, you have not reached the higher maintenance dosages yet.

Month 3 (Week 9 through Week 12) Semaglutide dosage

1mg once weekly

During your third month of using Semaglutide, most people will be instructed to inject a dosage of 1mg once weekly. You are likely to be feeling the effects of the medication at this point. Whether that means you notice side effects, weight loss, or both.

Month 4 (Week 13 through Week 16 or more) Semaglutide dosage

1.7mg once weekly

After using your Semaglutide for 12 weeks, you are likely to be stepped up to the 1.7mg once weekly dosage for month 4. This is the first dosage which might be the long-term maintenance dosage for some people. This means some people may stay on this dosage for the remainder of their Semaglutide treatment, and not be increased further. Others will only stay at this 1.7mg dosage for 1 month.

Your doctor may decide that staying at this lower maintenance dosage long-term is best for you because you are getting enough benefits from it, while avoiding the risk of increased side effects from higher dosages. Others may try to increase to the higher maintenance dosage, but find that the side effects are too much, so they go back down to this 1.7mg dosage for the remainder of their treatment. 

Month 5 (Week 17 and onward) Semaglutide dosage

2.4mg once weekly

By month 5, some people may have increased their dosage all the way up to 2.4mg once weekly. This is the highest maintenance dosage of Semaglutide for the brand-name medications. 

For many people, they may now stay at this maintenance dosage for the remainder of their Semaglutide treatment.

Why your Semaglutide dosage might be different

Keep in mind that this article outlines a general Semaglutide dosage schedule for weight loss based on the brand-name Semaglutide medication, Wegovy.

If you are using a compounded Semaglutide formula, or other Semaglutide medications, this schedule or the exact dosages offered may not be exactly the same. Although, there is almost always still a “ramping up” period, and a maintenance phase.

Your prescriber may opt to deviate from this general dosage schedule based on your goals, your current health status and other conditions, or if you are experiencing side effects. Always follow your personal medication instructions on your product or as instructed by your doctor.

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