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Where Can I Buy Semaglutide Online?

Learn where you can find Semaglutide to buy online through reputable telehealth sources.

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Semaglutide is the active ingredient in the popular medications Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus. While some people use this active ingredient for Type 2 Diabetes, the recent hype around this medication is for its ability to aid in weight loss.

However, with the popularity of Semaglutide, the manufacturers have had trouble keeping up with demand, leading to an official Semaglutide drug shortage

This shortage means that people with legal prescriptions for this medication are having a hard time finding it. This has led to more and more people looking into alternative sources of Semaglutide, including online or compounding pharmacies (or both with Strut Health).

Below, we will outline where you can buy Semaglutide online, including tips to ensure that you are safely getting the real thing through the right routes with physician oversight and approval.

Online telehealth services with doctors and pharmacies

When trying to find an online source for Semaglutide, you will want to go with a telehealth or telemedicine service. This ensures that you will be dealing with real doctors and pharmacies to make sure you are getting what you expect.

Most telehealth service will clearly emphasize that they are telehealth, and make it clear that a licensed doctor will be part of the process. They will let you know that a prescription will be involved (if the medication is appropriate for you). And that a licensed pharmacy will be dispensing the medication to you (even if it will be shipped to you, and not picked up on site).

What to avoid when looking to buy Semaglutide online

There are a few red flags to look for when trying to buy any medication online, including Semaglutide.

Firstly, if they let you checkout without any sort of consultation or questionnaire that collects your health information, be wary. Semaglutide is only appropriate for some people, and may not be safe for everyone to use. Being able to buy Semaglutide without a consultation, is potentially unsafe and not legal.

Secondly, if an online source does not link you with a U.S.-licensed doctor to review your information, this is likely not a reputable source.

Also, if no pharmacy is mentioned, this is a warning sign. Pharmacies are needed to source pharmaceutical medications or ingredients, and verify that they are the real thing, or even make them up on-site in a pharmaceutical laboratory. If no pharmacy is involved, you cannot be sure that you are getting a real, safe, and unadulterated product.

You will also want to double-check what form of Semaglutide the pharmacy will be using. Salt forms of Semaglutide have been reported to be used in some compounded Semaglutide formulations. However, this should be avoided as this is not the same as the non-salt form of Semaglutide, and it is not known if it is safe or effective. Since these salt-forms are not part of a current U.S. medication, it is also not legal to compound with them as the active ingredient.

So, the bottom line here is to go with a telehealth company that works through legal routes utilizing doctors, prescriptions, and pharmacies in the process to help ensure that you are getting the right thing in a safe way.

What is the usual process for buying Semaglutide online?

Here at Strut Health, we are a telehealth service that works with U.S.-licensed doctors and U.S.-licensed compounding pharmacies to bring you medications legally, safely, and in a way that is the most convenient for you – online.

The usual Strut Health semaglutide process is the following:

  • Choose the medication you are considering.
  • Complete a free online consultation that will collect pertinent health information from you to see if this medication is appropriate for you. (Our secure telehealth site is fully HIPAA compliant)
  • Submit your questionnaire consultation and checkout. (If upon review, your doctor finds this is not an appropriate medication for you, you will not pay anything)
  • Then, one of our U.S.-licensed doctors will review your information to see if the selected medication is a good fit for you, just like what would happen at an in-person appointment. If they need more information, or have some more questions, they will reach out to you directly.
  • If approved, your doctor will issue a prescription to a U.S.-licensed compounding pharmacy to put your prescription together.
  • Once your medication is ready, the compounding pharmacy will ship your medication to your door with free shipping.
  • If you have any questions or need medication adjustments throughout the process, simply reach back out to our team or your doctor through our secure portal.

Buy Semaglutide online from Strut Health

At Strut, we offer both compounded oral Semaglutide lozenges as well as compounded injectable Semaglutide. We do not use the salt forms of Semaglutide, and the process works through licensed doctors and compounding pharmacies. To get started, check out our Semaglutide product page today.

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