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What Percentage of Men Experience Male Pattern Hair Loss?

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Male pattern hair loss is by far the most common form of hair loss in men. 

And, the worry of losing your hair one day can lead some men to periodically comb through their hair trying to figure out if it is looking thinner in areas or receding.

The truth of male pattern hair loss is that the majority of men will experience some level of this type of hair loss in their lifetime. But. the prevalence greatly increases with increasing age.

Below, we will go over the approximate prevalence of male pattern hair loss in certain age groups.

Your chances of experiencing hair loss have to do with your current age

Everyone knows that you are more likely to lose your hair the older you are, even if you started out with thick and healthy locks at one time. 

This type of hair loss has to do with your genetic predisposition to hair loss as well as a normal male hormone called DHT. And, the longer your follicles have to deal with DHT the more they will be damaged by it if you are sensitive to it. This is part of the reason why older men are more likely to experience male pattern hair loss -- their follicles have been dealing with the hormone responsible for the damage for longer.

Of course, this does not mean that you can’t find a 100-year-old with great hair, or a 20-year-old with thinning on the crown, just that hair loss becomes more likely as you age.

Statistically speaking, if you took a large sampling of various age groups and checked to see if they have experienced some levels of male pattern hair loss effects, you may find something similar to the percentages listed below.

Under 21 years old:

Even though male pattern hair loss may be thought of as an older man’s situation, of the men who eventually end up dealing with male pattern hair loss, about 25% of them start noticing some level of hair loss symptoms by the age of 21.

This doesn’t mean that ¼ of men 21 or under notice hair loss, just that of men who will deal with it in their lifetime, it can start presenting itself pretty early on.

By the age of 35 years old:

By the time men reach the age of 35, about 66% of men will be dealing with some level of noticeable hair loss as compared to their younger selves.

It is common to see men start seeking treatment to help slow losses around this age range, even if the hair loss has not become extremely noticeable to others just yet.

By the age of 50 years old:

According to the American Hair Loss Association, by the time American men are around the age of 50 years old, up to 85% of them will be dealing with significant hair loss from male pattern hair loss. 

Strut Health prescription male pattern hair loss treatments delivered

The most important thing to consider about treating male pattern hair loss is that the main function is to help slow additional hair losses and help preserve the hair you currently have. If you wait until you have significant balding, it is unlikely that the hair follicles that have already stopped producing hair will start growing again.

Here at Strut, we know the importance of starting earlier for the best possible hair loss treatment results. For this reason, we make it easier for men dealing with male pattern hair loss to get started with high-quality prescription medications.

We carry topical and oral male pattern hair loss treatments, and utilize active ingredients like Finasteride, Dutasteride, Minoxidil, Tretinoin, and Biotin. Topical hair loss treatments can be formulated to suit your hair loss needs and preferences.

If you are interested in seeing if it is a good time for you to start on your hair loss treatment regimen, you can have a free online questionnaire and image-based telemedicine consultation with a U.S. licensed doctor.

If you are a good candidate for treatment, your medication can be shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

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