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What Is Maca Root for Men? Can Maca Really Help With Sexual Health Concerns?

Can maca really help men with libido, desire, stamina, or aid in fertility? Learn what the science says about this popular supplement.

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When delving into “natural” or plant-based supplements that claim to help with sexual health concerns like libido and desire, it is common to come across maca root.

But, as with many foods or supplements that claim to enhance your performance or satisfaction in the bedroom, the results promised may not measure up in practice.

Below, we will cover the basics of maca root, including what the proposed sexual health benefits are, if they tend to be backed up when it comes to studies, and if it may be safe to try it out yourself.

What is maca root?

Maca root is a root vegetable that is found growing in the high altitudes of the Andes Mountains. In this area, it is a common staple food as well as a medicinal supplement for the local Peruvian people.

The part of the plant that is often consumed as a health supplement is the root portion, not the parts of the plant which grow above ground. Maca is in the brassica family of plants, meaning it is related to other foods like cabbage, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

Natives in Peru claim that the maca root must be boiled before consumption and that the fresh plant may have negative health effects.

What are the purported benefits of maca for men?

The claims of what maca can do for men in bed are extensive.

Maca is reported to help with libido, help reduce erectile dysfunction issues, boost your stamina in bed, or enhance sperm count and motility to boost fertility and the chance of conception. 

Clearly, there is a lot being promised here. But, do the studies done using maca root back up these claims to improve your sex life?

What studies have been done on maca for men?

A review study from 2010 aimed to assess randomized controlled trials which were evaluating maca and its sexual health effects. 4 studies fit the criteria to be included in this review.

Two of the trials found positive sexual effects and benefits for sexual dysfunction when maca was used in both adult men and women. Another study was performed using healthy adult cyclists and did not find any sexual benefits of using maca. And, the last trial looked specifically at men with erectile dysfunction and reported significant positive effects.

However, overall the review said the reviews they looked into had small sample sizes and methodology flaws that mean they may need to be considered with a grain of salt. More studies need to be done to confirm or disprove any sexual benefits to taking maca as a supplement for sexual health.

Is maca safe to use for men?

Maca has been consumed as a food for thousands of years in Peru, and is considered likely safe when eaten in the amounts that you would a food. Maca is also considered to be possibly safe when taken as a supplement or used medicinally.

In general, most people tolerate maca well whether eaten as a food or used as a supplement. 

If you are planning on using a maca supplement, it is best to follow the instructions on the packaging to help guide you on dosages.

Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should avoid maca as no studies have been done confirming the safety of maca during these states. Also, people who have hormonally related health conditions like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, or other conditions that may respond negatively to estrogen should avoid maca to be on the safe side. Maca may have estrogenic properties in the body.

If you are considering adding a maca supplement to your regimen, it is important to talk to your doctor to see if this is a good addition for you. Even over-the-counter supplements may interfere with your current medications or conditions.

How can you consume maca if you wanted to give it a try?

There is no concrete evidence proving that maca is going to give your love life a boost or make it easier to have a child. But, since it is generally safe and well-tolerated in men, you may be convinced to give it a try.

Popping into nearly any health food or supplement store, you will likely be able to find capsules, nutritional powders, bars, chocolate, or various snacks that contain maca. 

Go ahead and try out one that you prefer whether you are more of a protein smoothie person, or you just want to take a capsule along with your other daily supplements. Maca is said to have a nutty, earthy, almost chocolatey flavor, so it is often found mixed together with chocolate or other dessert-like flavors.

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