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Topical Dutasteride Strengths: What Are the Most Common Strengths of Topical Dutasteride for Hair Loss?

Learn what strengths of topical Dutasteride are normally used for hair loss, plus what strengths have been used in studies.

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Topical Dutasteride is a developing off-label treatment for male pattern hair loss. And a few compounding pharmacies and hair specialists have gotten on board with the possible hair benefits of this medication.

However, not everyone is in agreement with just what strength may be best for topical Dutasteride when it comes to treating male pattern hair loss. There seems to be a significant range of strengths when it comes to topical Dutasteride products, so which one may be the best for male pattern hair loss, without going overboard?

There are still a lot of questions to be answered when it comes to topical Dutasteride, and very few studies have been done to get us some dosing answers so far. But, we can look at the strengths which have been used in the studies, as well as comparing them to what strengths seem to be available from various sources.

What topical Dutasteride strengths have been used in studies?

In one study 0.01% Dutasteride was used for hair loss with good results. However, this was only in 6 patients, and the Dutasteride was administered using mesotherapy, a treatment that uses small needles to inject the medication just under the skin in the scalp. Also, the patients were only given 3 treatments, 2 months apart each, for 6 months.

Another study with 30 participants looked into the effects of 0.02% topical Dutasteride as compared to 0.02% topical Dutasteride with microneedling. The results from this study reported that the microneedling group had significantly better hair results than the topical Dutasteride-only group. However, since there was no placebo control group with no Dutasteride, it is hard to infer the benefits of just the topical Dutasteride here.

What are the topical Dutasteride strengths found in various products?

When comparing the strengths of Dutasteride found at various compounding pharmacies, the strengths tend to range between 0.05% and 0.75%. 

Our Strut Topical Dutasteride Formula is formulated in a mid-range percentage of 0.1% Dutasteride. We are aiming for a strong solution, without going above what may be needed for successful hair loss treatment.

Topical Dutasteride percentages converted to milligrams (mg):

When looking at percentages, it may become confusing as to just how much raw medication is being applied to your scalp with each use. The confusion may also be compounded by the oral forms of Dutasteride being listed in milligrams (mg). 

The commercially available Dutasteride capsules are manufactured in 0.5mg strengths, although you may be able to find different strengths in capsule form at compounding pharmacies. Our compounded Dutasteride capsules contain 0.6mg Dutasteride as well as some Biotin for healthy hair growth.

It is important to know that percentages to mg/gm are not a 1 to 1 conversion. The amounts of Dutasteride (in mg/gm), found in various percent strengths of topical Dutasteride are as follows:

0.02% Topical Dutasteride = 0.2mg Dutasteride in each 1ml of formulation

0.1% Topical Dutasteride = 1mg Dutasteride in each 1ml of formulation

0.25% Topical Dutasteride = 2.5mg Dutasteride in each 1ml of formulation

0.5% Topical Dutasteride = 5mg Dutasteride in each 1ml of formulation

(1ml is a common volume for daily application)

Strut Health oral and topical Dutasteride online

Here at Strut Health, we stay at the forefront of male pattern hair loss treatment options. We offer topical and oral medications, as well as FDA-approved or off-label options.

If you are interested in seeing if topical or oral Dutasteride may be a good option for you, you can have a free online questionnaire and image-based telemedicine visit with our U.S. licensed doctors today. 

If you are a good candidate for male pattern hair loss treatment, your medication can be shipped to your front door with our fast and free shipping.

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