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Strut Women’s Hair Loss Formula With Spironolactone: 6 Things That Make It Special

Learn 6 things that make Strut Women's Hair Loss formula really stand out above other female pattern hair loss treatments.

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A lot of the focus on hair loss treatment options has always been given to men who are experiencing male pattern hair loss. But, what are the options for women who are experiencing female pattern hair loss?

Many of the prescription options for men are avoided in women due to risks to the fetus during pregnancy, so the treatment options for women tend to hover around just over-the-counter Minoxidil (Rogaine).

Our doctors and pharmacists wanted to remedy this and develop a prescription topical hair loss formula made specifically for women, that went beyond the usual drug store selection. 

This is how Strut Women’s Hair Loss formula came to be.

Below, we will highlight just a few of the things that really make our Women’s Hair Loss Formula stand out.

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1. It uses Spironolactone to help reduce androgens in the scalp

Spironolactone is normally used by mouth as a way to help reduce high blood pressure, and it is in the category of diuretics.

However, it was also discovered to be pretty good at competitively blocking the androgen receptors in target tissues.

Since female pattern hair loss is a genetic and hormonal problem, that is negatively impacted by androgens miniaturizing and damaging hair follicles, Spironolactone used off-label for hair loss may help reduce these effects. Spironolactone may help provide a similar hormonal-hair-loss mitigating effect in women that Finasteride provides for men, while being a more appropriate agent to use in females.

2. The scent of the Spironolactone is reduced for a pleasant experience

Now that we have outlined the reasons behind why Spironolactone may help with hair loss in women, it is important to note one of its usual downsides -- the chemical itself can have an unpleasant scent that is slightly sulfuric.

Generally, there is no fool-proof way to completely get rid of a chemical that just happens to naturally smell, but we have adjusted our formula to make the scent greatly reduced for a more pleasant application experience.

Our smell-dampened formulation was developed through vigorous formula trial and error to achieve a Spironolactone topical formula which is much more pleasant to use than usual topical Spironolactone formulas.

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3. It combines Spironolactone with well-studied Minoxidil for enhanced growth

One of the greatest downsides to the current products available for women experiencing hair loss is the lack of multi-ingredient formulations that may provide greater benefits than singular ingredient formulations.

Our Strut Women’s Hair Formula provides a well-rounded approach to hair loss treatment by combining Spironolactone with the only chemical currently FDA-approved for female pattern hair loss -- Minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine).

In one study, 60 participants were divided into 3 groups and each group applied either topical Minoxidil, topical Spironolactone, or both medications together for 12 months. At the end of the study, the clinical response for androgenetic alopecia was evaluated. 90% of the Minoxidil group showed response, and 80% of the Spironolactone group showed response, but 100% of the Minoxidil + Spironolactone group showed clinical pattern hair loss improvements.

4. Tretinoin can be added to the formula to increase penetration to the deeper layer of the scalp

In addition to combining the Spironolactone with Minoxidil for potential response enhancements, we also want to make sure the topical formulation is penetrating through the scalp adequately for women to get the most out of their treatment.

We have added a small amount of Tretinoin, a prescription topical retinoid, to help provide a chemical exfoliation to the potential dead skin cell and product build-up present on the scalp. The end result is providing a clear path for the active ingredients to make their way to the hair follicles.

5. You can apply it once at night and rinse it off easily in the morning

A hair formula doesn’t just have to be effective, it has to be easy to use and make it simple to integrate into your life, every day.

As with most hair loss treatments, consistency is key for optimal results, so we recommend an application process that can fit seamlessly into your schedule.

Our Women’s Hair Loss Formula is made for topical application to the scalp, and should be left on for at least 4 hours to let the ingredients penetrate the scalp. For this reason, we recommend an easy nighttime application that is left on overnight and then washed away in the morning in the shower.

Most people already have some form of an evening grooming routine, whether that be skincare, flossing, a hair mask, etc., making it easy enough to add this scalp formula into the mix.

6. It offers hair loss treatment options for women beyond the usual over the counter Rogaine

The last, but perhaps most striking benefit of our Women’s Hair Loss Formula is the development of customizable options for women who are experiencing female pattern hair loss.

As we mentioned before, currently over the counter Rogaine is the common option proposed to women when they become concerned about hair thinning. But, there are actually more options available when compounded formulations like Strut Women’s Hair Loss formula are utilized.

Strut Hair Loss Formula offers women the opportunity to consult with a medical professional online about their hair loss goals, struggles, and progression, and may help them find hair loss benefits provided by our doctors thinking outside of the box.

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