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Dr. Bauman: How To Help Stop Female Hair Loss (Video)

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Dr. Bauman: How to help stop female hair loss (Video)

(Video Transcript)

When it comes to women and hair loss, the most commonly prescribed medication is Minoxidil. That’s a topical medication that we use very commonly in female pattern hair loss.

And, Minoxidil works actually very, very well in women. Whether you are applying it topically or even orally, about 80-90% of women get a successful result from Minoxidil.

When it was first FDA-approved many decades ago, nobody really knew exactly what the mechanism of action was. But, we did know that the Minoxidil increases the length of the anagen phase of the hair follicle, and it turns the hair follicles on. Meaning, it turns them from resting into growing.

And, of course, the longer you have a follicle in the growing phase, the thicker, and the stronger, and the longer the hair is going to be. And, actually, even the more pigmented it’s going to be.

So, today we know the mechanism of action. We know it’s a potassium channel opener, and we know that has a very strong effect on the cycling at the level of the hair follicle.

So, Minoxidil works great for both men and for women. It’s actually the first line of approach for most women.

The other thing that’s really important to know about Minoxidil is that the addition of Tretinoin can really help with the penetration of the Minoxidil as well as boosts your body’s response to the Minoxidil.

You just need to know that you need to apply it every day, twice a day, and you have to stick with it.

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At Strut, we carry real hair loss medications for both men and women. We identified a need to put out some innovative hair loss treatment options for women, so we created Strut Women’s Hair Loss Formula. 

Strut Women’s Hair Loss Formula contains Minoxidil for the reasons explained above, while also boosting the formula with optional ingredients like Tretinoin, Spironolactone, and Biotin. 

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