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Semaglutide Prescription Online: How It Works in 7 Steps

You can get semaglutide prescriptions online from secure telehealth platforms like Strut Health. Learn how the process works in seven easy steps.

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Semaglutide is a popular medication for weight loss and diabetes treatment. The brand name medications that contain Semaglutide as the active ingredient include Ozempic, Wegovy, and Rybelsus.

Recently, it has become increasingly difficult to locate these medications, and these medications have officially been added to the drug shortages list. Because of this, some people are venturing to find Semaglutide from compounding pharmacies, either in person or online through telehealth services that pair with compounding pharmacies like Strut Health.

It may be out of your comfort zone to get prescriptions for medications online. But, we can help you feel more confident and know what to look for to make sure you are working with legitimate prescribers and pharmacies for your prescription.

Below, we will cover how to get Semaglutide prescriptions online and the exact steps that will happen.

Semaglutide prescriptions online from Strut Health in 7 steps:

1. Select a Semaglutide formulation

To get started, take a look at our Semaglutide product page to decide whether you would prefer a compounded oral Semaglutide lozenge that dissolves in your mouth, or a compounded injectable formulation. Aside from just the route, these differ in price, and how often you will use them. Select the one that best fits your preferences and weight loss goals.

2. Complete a questionnaire-based consultation in under 15 minutes

In order for our U.S. licensed physicians to know if Semaglutide is a good fit for you, they will need a little information. Part of the checkout process is an online questionnaire that will collect information like your current weight, your weight loss goals, and your current health status and medications.

This information is protected by our secure telehealth platform, and will be used only to prescribe your medication to you. This is just like the form you fill out during an in-person doctor’s appointment, or your doctor asking you one-on-one questions. 

3. Checkout and complete your payment

After you complete your questionnaire, you will check out for the price of the selected medication. The cost of your medication is clearly labeled on the product page, and you will not have any additional charges like shipping, consultation costs, or any other hidden fees.

If for some reason, your doctor determines that the medication is not right for you, you will not be charged and your doctor will reach out to you to discuss why this is not a good fit. They may suggest other options that are more suited to your needs and goals.

4. Your assigned doctor will review your information and issue a prescription

You will be assigned to a U.S.-licensed Strut doctor who will thoroughly review your information to make sure this medication is a good fit and build a treatment plan specifically for you. They will then issue a prescription to a pharmacy.

5. A compounding pharmacy will receive the prescription order and put your medication together

A compounding pharmacy will get your prescription order from your doctor and put your medication together exactly as prescribed. The compounding pharmacies Strut works with are U.S.-licensed and staffed by U.S.-licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians trained in the art of compounding.

6. Your Semaglutide medication will be shipped to your front door

After your medication has been put together at a compounding pharmacy, it will be shipped to your front door with free shipping.

7. Follow up with your doctor at any time at no additional cost

You may need to follow up with your doctor periodically to discuss how this medication is working for you, if you need dosage adjustments, or anything else you may need to check in about. Free, unlimited follow-ups are a completely complimentary part of your Strut Health medication. Reach out to get in touch with our team or your doctor as many times as you need during your treatment. 

Strut Health compounded Semaglutide prescribed online and shipped free

Now that you know what to expect from a Strut Health online Semaglutide prescription, you may be ready to get started. Take a look at our Semaglutide product page to get started today.

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