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Can Scalp Massages Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

You might have heard that massaging your scalp might stimulate hair growth. It almost sounds too good and too simple to be true. Read on to find out more.

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You might have heard that massaging your scalp might stimulate hair growth. It almost sounds too good and too simple to be true. Does scalp massaging really help stimulate noticeable hair growth, or is it an old wives’ tale? Let’s find out.

What is a scalp massage?

A scalp massage is as simple as it sounds. A scalp massage is just like a normal massage, but instead of stimulating deep back muscles, a scalp massage stimulates the scalp. Normally, a scalp massage is done with the fingertips along with some relaxing or scalp stimulating oils.

There are generally two main goals behind a scalp massage; either to relax or encourage an increase of circulation blood flow to the scalp. Many spas and hair salons offer scalp massage as a service, however, this is entirely DIY-able.

Does scalp massaging stimulate hair growth?

Does scalp massage really help encourage hair growth? It almost sounds too good to be true... But, yes! Many studies have shown that a regular scalp massage can lead to thicker hair and help improve hair loss.

In a 2019 study, 70 percent of participants with androgenic alopecia found scalp massages to slow their hair loss and improve their hair growth rate. These participants reported a median scalp massage duration between 11-20 minutes per day for 6 months. Researchers concluded that scalp massage should be considered as a good treatment for those with androgenic alopecia. In a small 2016 male-focused study, researchers found the use of 4-minute daily scalp massages may lead to thicker hair. Participants received a 4-minute scalp massage every day for 24 weeks.

How does scalp massaging help?

The theory behind hair growth and scalp massages is the mechanical stimulation of a scalp massage encourages blood flow to the hair follicles which encourages new hair growth.

The secret sauce of topical hair treatments lies in increasing blood flow to the follicles.

A healthy hair cycle relies on proper blood flow to the hair follicle. So, regular scalp massages may be enough follicle stimulation to encourage hair regrowth, or help improve the thickness of your hair.

How often should you massage your scalp for hair growth?

An at-home DIY scalp massage could help improve your hair health and support hair regrowth efforts. According to studies, a daily scalp massage could be beneficial for those experiencing various types of hair loss.

Often, we don’t receive much stimulation at the top of our heads, so spend some time each day massaging your scalp to encourage hair growth.

Tips for DIY scalp massage for hair growth:

#1 Massage duration for 5-20 minutes total

Massage duration between 5-20 minutes may be beneficial to the health of your scalp and hair follicles.

#2 Try multiple short messages throughout the day

Some studies that encouraged multiple short scalp massages a day, saw a good result.

#3 Be gentle (but not too gentle)

Don’t be rough with your scalp. Remember that you’re just encouraging blood circulation to your scalp. A gentle touch can achieve this. Apply light to medium pressure when massaging your scalp.

#4 Make it a before shower habit

Make a routine of it and try massaging your scalp before getting into the shower each day. Use your fingertips to apply medium pressure and rub your entire scalp in small circular motions.

#5 Cover all of your bases

Try to make sure you’ve covered your entire scalp by the end of your scalp massage. Even stimulation is optimal for hair growth.

If you’re still worried about hair loss

While stimulating your scalp is a great way to encourage hair growth, for some, you might still require further treatment to regain your hair. There are topical and oral treatments that can help you on the path of hair regrowth. The more popular, and most effective treatments are:

Finasteride (for men)

Read Strut’s Finasteride Q&A blog post to learn more.

Minoxidil & Spironolactone

Read Strut’s Women’s Hair Formula Q&A blog post to learn more. treats hair loss online

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