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Rubbing Nails for Hair Growth: Can This Technique Actually Work?

Can the old technique of nail rubbing actually help your hair grow? Learn more here.

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You may have heard someone proclaim the benefits of rubbing your nails together to help increase your hair growth and reduce hair loss.

And, while you may have squinted your eyes and taken a step back trying to figure out how this is connected, the practice of briskly rubbing your nails together is considered a type of yoga called balayam.

We will go over just what balayam yoga is, review the claims made about this practice, go over if there is any data backing up these benefits, and wrap up by talking about any downsides and giving you our final thoughts.

What is nail rubbing for hair growth?

Nail rubbing is the practice of sitting comfortably in a cross-legged yoga seating while folding your fingers into your palms, bringing them together, and rubbing your four fingernails from one hand up and down across the 4 fingernails of the other hand (not the thumbs).

You are supposed to keep rubbing the nails over each other for 5-10 minutes for the balayam practice.

The purported benefits of this are that this motion can stimulate hair improvements like reduced hair loss, increased growth, decreased thinning, and even reduced greying.

It is said that the reason behind this is that the nerves and vessels in the beds are somehow connected to the nerves and vessels in the scalp. The claim is that this stimulates the rejuvenation of dead and damaged hair follicles, improves scalp blood flow, speeds growth, and keeps the pigment in your hair.

Can nail rubbing actually increase hair growth?

There are not currently any trials backing up the practice of nail rubbing for hair growth, reduced losses, or any other hair improvements. So, there is not as of right now any data on if this works or not.

This is mainly a historic practice that people tend to say may help with hair concerns, although this is not substantiated.

What are the downsides to nail rubbing for hair growth?

One good thing about nail rubbing is that there are likely no downsides from trying it out if you want to give it a go. You may find it relaxing, and a good way to become present, by taking 5-10 minutes to focus on the movement of the nails rubbing against each other it almost becomes like a meditation.

The only downside may be if you are delaying looking into more validated forms of hair loss treatment because you are hoping that nail rubbing will help with all of your issues.

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