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Ridges in Fingernails: 14 Reasons They Can Happen

Ridges in fingernails are very common. Learn about the potential causes behind vertical and horizontal nail ridges.

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So your nails are looking strange, and growing out rough or with ridges in them.

Maybe you slammed your finger in a door accidentally, in which case - that is likely the culprit.

But, maybe you have no idea where they came from.

In this article, we will go over what can cause ridges in your fingernails, which ridges are probably not a problem, and which ones you should bring up to your doctor.

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Vertical Ridges in Nails

Vertical ridges in Nails are the most common types of ridges, and the number one cause of having these ridges is just normal aging.

These ridges will run from the nail bed straight up through the tip of the fingernail, and may also be referred to as longitudinal ridges.

Vertical ridges in nails are most likely caused by the general aging of the nail bed, and most physicians do not see them as a cause for concern. But, you may want to mention them to your doctor to verify that there is nothing more serious going on.

Possible causes of vertical ridges in nails include:

Aging (most common)


Trachyonychia (a nail disease)

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Peripheral Vascular Disease

Horizontal Ridges in Nails

Horizontal ridges in your nails, or lines running from side to side across the nail, may be a little more worrying and should be brought up to your physician.

While vertical ridges are considered a normal part of the aging nail, horizontal ridges may signal that there is something wrong.

Sometimes these lines are called Beau’s Lines.

Some of the reasons behind horizontal nail ridges include:

Kidney disease


Thyroid disease



Nutritional deficiencies

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Nail ridges plus color changes

If your nail ridges also come along with color changes like yellow, brown, or greenish nails - you might have something else going on.

Possible causes of ridges nails plus strange colors can include:

Nail melanoma (black lines)

Psoriasis (yellowing)

Nail fungus (brown, yellow, or green)

The most common cause of nail ridges plus color changes is a nail fungus.

Although nail fungus tends to be very stubborn, it is not dangerous and can usually be treated by medications from a doctor.

Strut Health prescribes nail fungus formulations online

Strut Nail Formula contains antifungal medications with a strong driving agent to really get to the root of the fungus and get your nails back to normal.

If you suspect that your nail texture and color changes are from a nail fungus, you can have an Online Consultation with one of our U.S. licensed doctors.

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