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Pimples Around The Mouth? Here's Why It's Happening

Pimples around the mouth are frustrating; you probably want them gone fast. Here are a few ways to help clear pimples around the mouth.

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Acne around the mouth is enough to make anyone self-conscious. No matter if it’s one spot or many, pimples around the mouth can have us scrambling for a fix.

If you want to know why these zits are popping up, this is the article for you.

Solution-focused? We’ve got solutions too. Keep scrolling to learn why you’re getting pimples around your mouth and what to do about them.

Why pimples commonly occur around the mouth

Pimples that pop up around the mouth are similar to any other type of pimple. Like all zits, they’re a result of a clogged pore. Pores can be clogged by anything including dirt, oil, bacteria, product residue, and dead skin cells.

Here are a few things that could contribute to getting acne around your mouth.

1. Hormones

Often, pimples occur around the mouth because of hormonal fluctuations. An increase of androgens can cause sebaceous glands to go into overdrive -- which can cause pores to clog with excess sebum.  Hormonal changes can be caused by menstruation, PMS, pregnancy, menopause, PCOS, or puberty.

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2. Bacteria from your phone

Our cell phones are sort of filthy. Putting your cell phone up to your face introduces a massive amount of bacteria. There are around 25,127 bacteria per square inch, to be exact. Try to sanitize your phone frequently to keep this out of your pores.

3. Oil from your fingers

One of the oldest acne tips is simply “stop touching your face”. When you touch your face you’re introducing bacteria, oil, and skin cells to your face. Perhaps you’ve been touching around your mouth lately. Try a hands-off policy for a while and see if it clears.

4. Sweating

While sweating isn’t likely to directly cause acne, it might exacerbate an existing issue. We sweat through our pores and it often evaporates off the skin, however, if it sits on the skin it could cause clogged pores. We often sweat around our mouths so it’s possible that sweat could be the cause. Make sure to cleanse after working out.

5. Lip balms

Moisturizing lip balms can potentially clog your pores around your lips. Lip balms are made from oils and waxes and if this residue gets on the outside of your lips -- it could cause small clogged pores. Try petrolatum-based lip balms as they will not clog your pores.

How to clear pimples around the mouth

While you investigate the cause, you might also be wanting solutions for treating and preventing acne around your mouth area. Here are a few tips that could help keep your skin clear.

1. Cleanse with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid

Cleansers that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can help dissolve substances that are likely to clog your pores. So cleansing twice a day (once being with a more gentle cleanser), is good practice for keeping pores clear.

2. Try OTC spot treatments

Spot treatments like benzoyl peroxide can help destroy bacteria on the skin and help decrease inflammation.

3. Consider prescription-strength retinoids

Retinoids like Tretinoin can help clear your pores, and stop clogging from happening. It’s been used for a long time as an acne medication, and it can help prevent blemishes from forming too. Depending on the severity, prescription-based treatment in combination with OTC products might be called for.

4. Stop using comedogenic products

Certain products are more likely to clog your pores than others. Using a non-comedogenic moisturizer is a good step toward clear pores. Consider that a product you’re using could be clogging your pores around your mouth.

5. Thoroughly remove your makeup at night

Makeup is a huge culprit when it comes to clogging pores. Most makeup products are pore-clogging. Make sure to remove all makeup before bed. Often double cleansing (once to remove makeup, and again to cleanse the skin) is effective for this.

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6. Conceal to deal

Speaking of make-up, one way to deal with pimples around your mouth is to conceal them and carry on. These types of pimples happen to everyone and they often clear once the problem is addressed or hormones rebalance.

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