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Oral Semaglutide Lozenge Tips for the Best Results

Learn the top tips for getting the best results from your oral Semaglutide lozenge medications.

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When you are using oral Semaglutide lozenges for weight loss, there are a few tips that you should know about to help maximize how well they work for you.

Some of these are related to helping the medication get into your system the best, while others have to do with lifestyle changes.

Below, we will cover the 5 most important oral Semaglutide lozenge tips to help you get the most out of your treatment.

1. Make sure you are letting the lozenge dissolve correctly

It is harder for oral Semaglutide to get into your body as compared to injectable routes where they are being injected right in. Oral routes will always have a little more resistance in this regard. But, you get the benefit of not having to deal with the hassle of vials, needles, and syringes.

For this reason, our oral Semaglutide formula was made into a lozenge. This helps maximize the absorption of the medication through your cheeks (buccal) and under your tongue (sublingual), as opposed to just swallowing the medication.

To help this cheek and sublingual absorption, you should try to keep the lozenge under your tongue or pressed between your gums and cheek tissue as the medication dissolves. This may take 5-10 minutes or so. You may also want to switch the lozenge from cheek to cheek in your mouth every few minutes. You may feel a warming or tingling sensation as the lozenge dissolves, and this is normal.

Try to take your oral Semaglutide dose first thing in the morning, about 30 minutes before food, beverages, or other medications.

2. Stay consistent for long enough to see results

It is important to stay consistent with your Semaglutide medication. This includes trying to take your oral Semaglutide dosage at approximately the same time each day, and not missing doses.

Also, be patient with your results. As with most weight loss treatments or strategies, it can take time and consistency to see the results.

Studies done on the injection form of Semaglutide report significant weight loss after 4-12 weeks of treatment, although this may vary from person to person.

Give your treatment at least a few months of consistent use in order to see if it is working for you.

3. Talk to your doctor when you are ready for the higher dosages

In order to help you better manage any side effects upon starting the medication, Semaglutide treatments are usually ramped up from the lower dosages to the higher dosages.

If you have been using the starting dosage of our oral Semaglutide lozenges for at least a month and any potential side effects are well managed, you may be ready to increase your dosage for better results. If this is the case, you can reach out to your Strut Health doctor to see if you can get a dosage increase of your Semaglutide lozenge.

4. Combine with a healthy diet and regular exercise

While Semaglutide can be a helpful weight management tool, it is not meant to be the whole approach.

All Semaglutide medications are meant to be paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results. This also sets you up for success by helping to integrate healthy habits into your lifestyle for the long term.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean plant proteins, prioritize fiber-rich foods, and minimize foods high in saturated fat and cholesterol like animal products. Combine this with a regular exercise routine that you enjoy and can maintain.

5. Avoid certain foods and beverages to reduce digestive discomfort

In order to help you stay consistent on your Semaglutide treatments, you will want to avoid foods and beverages that can exacerbate digestive discomfort and side effects.

Avoid or minimize fried, greasy, or fatty foods, as these are more likely to trigger heartburn and reflux. Stay well hydrated and try to minimize alcohol use as this can worsen digestive upset as well.

Eating smaller meals, and avoiding eating too late in the day can also be a good way to keep digestive upset at bay while using Semaglutide medications.

Strut Health oral and injectable Semaglutide medications online

Here at Strut Health, we offer compounded oral Semaglutide lozenges as well as compounded injectable Semaglutide medications.

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If you need dosage adjustments or have questions for your prescriber going forward, our team is available for free and unlimited follow-ups.

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