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What Is An M-Shaped Hairline? Is It Male Pattern Baldness?

Does an M-shaped hairline mean you are dealing with male pattern hair loss? Learn more about what your hairline shape might be telling you.

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So you think you might have an m-shaped hairline. If you’re worried that your hairline is suggesting some form of hair loss -- this article is for you, my friend. 

Below, we will cover what an M-shaped hairline is, how it is different from a widow's peak, if it is a sign of balding, and what you can do about it.

Example of an "M-shaped" hairline. Image source Elle Magazine 

What is an M-shaped hairline?

A hairline, or the frontal outer edge of your hair, can take many shapes. Hairlines can be naturally curved, uneven, square, straight, widow peaked, and even cowlicked. 

These hairline characteristics are largely determined by genetics, age, and diet.

A hairline can be pretty distinctive and men tend to experience the more dramatic hairline patterns. 

An M-shaped hairline forms a pattern that is reminiscent of the letter M. Hence the name.

The hairline to the sides of the midpoint tends to sit further back into the crown. There is a section of hair, above the “in-between the brows” area, that sits much lower down the forehead. This forms an upside-down triangle. 

This hairline shape looks a little similar to a widow’s peak but it’s not the same thing. 

M-shaped hairline vs. a widow’s peak

The main difference between a widow’s peak and an M-shaped hairline is, a widow’s peak hairline is curved along the sides with a triangular midpoint.

A widow’s peak hairline almost forms the top half of a heart. While an M-shaped hairline is very triangular. 

A widow’s peak hairline is also often something you’d have had your entire life as it’s not normally hair loss-related.

If your hairline forms triangular areas to the sides, and one upside-down triangle in the middle -- that is an M-shaped hairline. 

If your hairline has a gradual curve to the sides and a v-shaped peak in the middle, similar to a heart shape -- that is a widow’s peak. 

With that being said, a natural widow’s peak hairline can recede later in life, easily forming an M-shaped hairline. 

Does an M-shaped hairline mean you're balding?

An M-shaped hairline is, in fact, indicative of some form of hair loss.

This type of hairline can begin to form after the hairline has receded back on both sides a bit.

In men, this frontal hairline change is considered stage 2 - 3 hair loss according to the Norwood Scale.

But, there isn’t just one type of hair loss pattern. Your hairline might change from a straight line to an “M”, “U”, or “V” shaped hairline. 

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Similar to Harry Styles above, an M-shaped hairline is often caused by DHT-related hair loss, aka male pattern balding. 

This type of hair loss is progressive and can worsen over time without treatment. 

How do you fix an M-shaped hairline?

So, if an M-shaped hairline is the first sign of hair loss, what can you do about it? 

Male pattern balding is caused by a genetic sensitivity to the hormone DHT.

Having excessive DHT levels can cause follicle damage, eventually miniaturizing them and leading to hair loss. Over time, DHT can wreak havoc on the hair follicles until hair loss is quite severe. 

An M-shaped hairline is an early stage of male pattern baldness and a great time to seek treatment. 

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