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Topical Ketoconazole Cream for Toenail Fungus

Ketoconazole is a popular antifungal medication. Learn more about how to use it, how long it takes to work, and where to buy it.

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Ketoconazole cream is a popular antifungal that may benefit a wide range of fungal ailments.

In this article, we will cover the main points of this cream therapy for fungal infections, how to use this cream, how long before you should expect results, and where to find it.

What is Ketoconazole cream?

Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication that is normally found in cream, gel, or shampoo form. Very rarely, this medication is given by mouth.

Ketoconazole is in the class of antifungals called Imidazole antifungals.

This medication was patented in 1977 and became available for medical use in 1981.

Ketoconazole is the generic name of the chemical found in U.S. brand name products such as Nizoral, Extina, and Xolegel.

What is Ketoconazole cream used for?

Ketoconazole cream is normally used for athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, “sun fungus”, seborrheic dermatitis, or skin yeast. It has also shown to moderately be useful for reducing mild acne on the face.

Some compounding pharmacies will also make this into a formulation for nail fungus with a prescription from your doctor.

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How to use Ketoconazole cream

Depending on what you are treating, the application may be a little bit different. Use as directed by your physician or product.

For all applications regular application is key. Sporadically using this medication will likely not clear up the fungus.

Steps to using Ketoconazole cream:

  • Apply medication for the full length of time recommended, even if the condition seems to have cleared. This will better ensure the full eradication of the fungus.
  • Set a timer on your watch or phone to ensure regular application once or twice daily as directed for your condition.
  • If you accidentally get the medication in your mouth, lips, or eyes rinse off with water right away.
  • Do not apply medication to open wounds or burns. If Ketoconazole cream comes into contact with these areas, rinse with water immediately.

  • Apply the amount appropriate to cover the entire affected area and rub in gently.

  • Be sure to not wash the applied area for at least 3 hours after application. Wash hands before and after application.

How long does it take for Ketoconazole cream to work?

Ketoconazole cream treatment is normally indicated for a period of 2-6 weeks.

Patients using topically applied Ketoconazole should begin seeing results soon after beginning therapy.

Improvements should increase throughout the course of therapy if applied regularly.

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Where can I buy Ketoconazole cream?

Ketoconazole cream 2% is available over the counter for topical use.

If you are looking for a stronger or combination toenail fungus treatment containing Ketoconazole, these can sometimes be found at compounding pharmacies with a prescription from your doctor.

You can buy a prescription Ketoconazole formula from Strut Health.

Our Strut Nail Formula contains Ketoconazole in a physician formulated combination cream which also contains a prescription antifungal agent and a pharmaceutical-grade driving agent to help penetrate the nail.

By having a free online questionnaire-based consultation with our U.S. licensed physicians, we can determine if Strut Nail Formula is a good antifungal option for you.

If you are a good fit for treatment, your multi-ingredient nail fungus formula will be made at a U.S. compounding pharmacy and shipped to your front door with our free shipping.

Topical Ketoconazole cream: Bottom Line

Ketoconazole is an antifungal medication in the Imidazole class.

This cream is commonly used for athlete’s foot, ringworm, jock itch, “sun fungus”, seborrheic dermatitis, or skin yeast.

For best results, apply the cream to the affected area on a regular basis.

Even if the condition appears cleared, continue using Ketoconazole for the full course of treatment to avoid recurrence.

You should begin seeing results soon after beginning therapy and the course of treatment is generally 2-6 weeks total.

Ketoconazole cream is available over the counter as a single ingredient, or Ketoconazole may be found in some prescription formulations from a compounding pharmacy.

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